USS BOISE T7 Premium Radar Cruiser || World of Warships

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  1. It looks like my next purchase

    • (highest pitch girlie scream) Miiiiiiine!!! 😮

    • Alfredo M Wargaming loves you.. now the fat CEO can buy himself a new Ferrari and u get a feel for a moment how it is to have a big c**k… rest of us can have great stats without paying for it….

    • If Alfredo wants to buy this ship, and enjoy it, no problem. It’s his hard earned money he’s using to pay for this ship, so why should he care what his jealous commie twinkle toes critics say. I have a nice fleet of premium ships in my port I enjoy playing from time to time, and have no regrets purchasing.

      Who the fuck are you to decide how others use their hard earned money, or how much money the CEO makes? If the CEO wants to be billionaire, and folks are willing to buy the products his company is producing there’s nothing at all wrong with it. Russia is a capitalist country now, and communism is dead there, as it should be. While capitalism may not be perfect, I believe it’s the best economic system, as it gives you the opportunity to go from rags to riches if you’re willing to put in the time, and hard work to make it happen. The only people I see that are big fans of communism, and socialism are lazy bottom feeder types, who think the world owes them a free cradle to grave living for doing nothing, just because they eat breath and shit.

      Any ship, weather bought as a premium, or unlocked from the tech tree requires skill and common sense to play well. A noob playing a premium ship will still suck just as much as he or she will playing a ship from the tech tree. If you suck playing the Iowa, you’ll also suck playing the Missouri. Premium doesn’t magically, and instantly turn a noob into tactical genius. Unless you’re a commie or socialist loving SJW snowflake, I don’t see what’s the big deal about premium ships. Don’t like them, then don’t buy them, and if your little snowflake sensibilities are still butt hurt because they’re a part of the game, then uninstall the game, and see if there are any commie theme SJW games you can play.

    • +Exodriver
      That turned political real fast.
      Not that I disagree, lol.

    • Milos.r kind of started the political discussion with his comment and criticisms about the CEO of WG being fat, and buying a Ferrari, and of Alfredo choosing to buy a cool looking premium ship, instead of grinding it.

      I could be wrong, but Milos.r’s comments sound just like something a SJW type would bitch about. Boo Hoo Hoo, it’s not fair Alfredo can afford to buy a premium ship, and I can’t, and it’s unfair the WG CEO is getting rich selling them.

      I just get annoyed with people who tell others how they can or can’t spend their own hard earned money, how much they should be allowed to make, and think it’s somehow wrong or evil to enjoy your money, and purchases.

  2. could WG chill with the number of radars going around, IJN DD play is hard enough as it is :/

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      seppll seppll DDs cap simple as. As a matter of fact IJN DDs Cap as they have the better Stealth to spot other hybrids & gunboats – for your team to shoot. I don’t understand what good comes out of non capping DDs – whether torpedo,hybrid or gunboat.

      If anything IJN DDs cry for having crap gun power which is acceptable but added with further insult of torpedoes spotted from the moon, no utility whatsoever – other than using their good Stealth and spot for the team (or smoke the team) – which isn’t helped with a bunch of Radar cruisers. Like TRB or smoke can save your ass when you get radar’ed by a cruiser hiding behind an island.

    • Lulz. No.

    • Wiseboy weebs needs to be erased from game

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      ME262MKI – define weeb.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      ME262MKI Hateful and ignorant people like you are the ones who need to be removed

  3. So, a tier 7 Mogami with radar. Huh.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      John Martin fun fact Mogami is a former T7, till she swapped tiers with Myoko. This is noticeable as Myoko gets both a higher AA rating and HP pool. In other words Mogami got some competition with Helena, Boise and T8 Cleveland (Cleveland who also has returned to her former tier of T8).

    • way better than mogami in terms of rate of fire and gun rotation
      also if it has clevland armor then only overpens on broadsides … it looks better than clevland to be honest

    • Plus 10.1 concealment with 9.9 radar… good luck playing a dd against this with 15 x 6 in guns lol.

    • 1ctrlaltdelete1

      Mogami, has 155mm with 920m/s shell velocity (HE & AP) and 15.4Km range. The reload time is the same (10sec.)
      The only think that is slightly better, is the turret traverse and radar.

  4. finally a Brooklyn class

    • Now all we need is a Northampton class.

    • yeah true, but isn’t that super similar to the new orleans?

    • Kind of, as an early prototype. Though the Portland class(Indianapolis) was the real model to new Orleans. Northamptons, Pensacolas and Portlands used the same Mk9 55 inch/203mm gun. And since Pensacola is at tier6 with her 10 guns, I don’t see a reason to reject the idea of putting a Northampton premium in there as tier6 as well. Northamptons were the workhorses of the first half of Pacific War and I would be just happy to have literally any of them as all had a legendary career: Houston, Chicago, Louisville, Augusta or Northampton. (We already have a Chester ingame)

  5. This ships has everything that I love about the Cleveland and more

  6. boristhebarbarian

    nice sound effects on the guns

  7. Reason #62728 why you shouldn’t get the Mogami.

  8. When will the Boise be out for purchase?

  9. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Mogami finally gets some competition in the Light Cruiser 6inch HE spam department (considering Kutuzov is gone). I wonder how she’ll fair against T8 Cleveland, T7 Helena and T7 Boise with the Radar.

    • Mogami is still better at range where CLs want to live because of better shell velocity. Which is also out of radar range, anyway. The Boise is better than Myoko and Indianapolis (and also arguably better than Hipper/Eugen), but I’d still rather take my Atlanta, Belfast, Mogami or Kutuzov. With exception of Belfast, the others have torpedoes and it’s much easier to contest caps or punish ships pursuing you around island cover if you have torpedoes as a credible threat. Belfast doesn’t need torps because it’s OP enough as it is.

  10. first War G introduced asashio to limit the BB players in matches, now they introduce this ship to limit the dd players in matches nice Wg

  11. Oh look another reason to stop playing my dozen DDs.. break out another nerf stick WG I need a spanking.

    • Chad Rushing if you do it smart you can heavily outplay this ship in a DD. Stay at range, maybe torp it and stay at the edge of his radar range to bait it out. After that just keep him permaspotted for your team, and if you get spotted doesnt matter because you are far away from this ship at about 10 km and you will easily be able to avoid all of the american incoming 6 inch shells because they are so damn slow

  12. Anyone know when they will finally drop these ships?

  13. Wait, is that a Des Moines radar ? Because I see 9.9 km on the minimap

  14. Drvnwolf Wolfie

    Pasch!!! nice to see your in good form still.

  15. was that with IFHE? The direct damage seemed rather underwhelming.

  16. U need to start doing commentary lol

  17. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    Uh…5×3 guns and radar but no heal, ok!

  18. I bet we will get it as the Nueve de Julio version since I know WG has been talking about it.

  19. 15 guns and ifhe at t7 in all honor but seriously? 13.6 km range?!…

  20. Yo boyz !! I heard you like to sail the boise with your boyz ! so I put some Bose on the boise for your boyz baws !

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