USS California (WiP) / “Thicc hips save ships”

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Look, it only goes at 20.5kts, how did you expect me to get this replay to you any faster?


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  1. The California should be a Tier 6 ship, uptiering a slow BB to 7 where it will meet 9’s will make this a nightmare to play against tier 8 and 9 DD’s, cruisers etc.

    • @ArrrGee You can’t (reasonably) division with them at tier 7 to guarantee it though.

    • @Hank Frankel Alabama and Mass share the same tier.

    • @TheTripleAce3 No argument there, but how many tier 7 games do you get into without any 6’s or 8’s? I know that tier 7 and 9 are the best tiers to not meet CV’s but you will still end up against them at some point. If you move the California to tier 6 it will give it’s AA more punch and therefore more of USP.

    • @ArrrGee “move the California to tier 6 it will give it’s AA more punch” Incorrect. Given that AA is scaled according to tier these days, it’s AA would be comparatively weaker than its current T7 status even if you changed nothing.

  2. Can you imagine this in a T9 match? It would just be obliterated and does not have the armour, firepower or speed to do anything about it. 20knt ships have no place in this game at T6, never mind T7. The issue here is that the T5 and T6 US BBs have been massively power crept and need major buffs.

  3. Indeed. I’ve looked at the ship’s current stats on Fitting Tool. As it is, to have this ship facing off against the likes of Georgia, Alaska, and Musashi, would be an unpleasant experience. It would end up being one of the “filler” premiums, only collectors completionists and those with a historical interest spending real money on it, otherwise just being a stocking stuffer for Christmas crates, like many of the other less popular premiums, so WG can say “you got a premium ship in one of your crates, now shut up and go away”.

  4. Christopher Jonasson

    Well it will probably be able to smack the Viribus Unitis but that is about it

  5. That ship has definetly no place in Tier 7. WG should tier it down to Tier 6 and good. Its simply to hard to balance it for Tier 7 because u have to either do something about the gun reload the gun performance in general and then its probably too strong against Tier 5/6. But yeah we will see.

  6. Is it premium? Im ready for another line of American BBs with stuff like the original South Dakota design and a Lexington battlecruiser.

  7. So, the USS California is the Kim Kardashian of WoWS…..

  8. As you say, there’s oh so many ways in which this ship could be improved, and stay completely free of gimmicks–indeed perfectly in the expected US BB fold. The US heal, Colorado sigma and agility, the premium secondaries, etc etc. It’s almost baffling that they make it so “off spec”. I do hope they adjust it.

    08:00 Oh, this will be the US P.E.F. Free and just for collectors.

    • 1.8 sigma on a 12 gun BB at T7 isn’t terrible, to be fair. If you want 2.0 sigma, be prepared to pay for that with New Mex or Arizona reload times times imo.

  9. Played with you months ago in Narai divvy and that thing was slow lol we had enemy all dead almost by time u reached teh cove xD

  10. Wargaming could have given the American standards a modest 3 knots top speed increase since the fantasy rebuilds of other navies could do 25 to 27 knots.
    Lyon could do 27 knots which is simply ridiculous.
    Giulio Cesare had to lose an entire turret to achieve the same speed.

  11. While the comparison to P.E.F. is probably an apt one, what springs to mind for me is this:

    In its current state, California is a Tier VII Texas. It’s a patently worse version of an existing tech tree ship in exchange for “significantly better” anti-aircraft artillery. Which is a meta that hasn’t been valid since the CV rework a year ago. Utterly broken Tier IV CVs would *not* be a thing right now if Texas and Yubari both functioned the way they used to.

    Which was immediately after the P.E.F. event, where we got sold a decent premium that then got an accuracy nerfed and its AAA made entirely irrelevant once it was already in our hands.

    This ship looks like it has been in the planning stages since before the CV rework (where it would have been a valid option to Colorado for players who love to hate aircraft) and the spreadsheet has yet to inform the Devs that AAA just doesn’t matter in this age of action carriers and HE spam.

  12. choncky?? XD love it Jedi!

  13. Buff to the sigma, reload and torp bulge and I’ll be interested.

  14. The 1944 version, post Pearl Harbor, was slower due to the upgraded torpedo protection. Also had much better fire control (mark 8) and the newer 14 inch 50cal mark 11 guns that were much more accurate…..let’s not forget radar too. Hope you’re paying attention War gaming….

  15. A worse New Mex at T7? Suspect this has fallen victim to WG playing with wider game issues and has become forgotten about. As a T7 Massachusetts this would be a big fail, the game would be over by the time it got in range of 2ndaries.

  16. They should give this ship a viable secondary build to make up for the slow speed. DDs will yolo rush a slow bb, especially the French dds.

  17. Sadly i doubt wargaming can fix this. Last i saw stats even after all her buff Colorado is still very low down the list of T7 BB’s in terms of performance. 21 knots when the game released wasn’t an issue, but as other nations have been introduced 21 knots has begun to become ever more painful and it’s honestly reached the point now where it’s just flat out too slow to ever make a workable ship IMO. At least without going to some kind of stupid extreme paper design.

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