USS Charleston first game || World of Warships

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  1. How’s she different from St. Louis?

  2. Finally switches to AP

  3. Isn’t Charleston a Saint Louis?

  4. its a st.louis whit a diferent camo what a bs

  5. A pity the ship is only available to new players through daily shipments. If this is the future, then many collectors of old ships might just stop collecting, as they will be locked out of getting all ships. And it’s not a question of seal clubbing, as dedicated seal clubbers have enough ships to pad their stats with.

  6. Who here thinks Panzer’s overriding thought this whole match was on how lucky he was dealing with an idiot K-A who kept shooting HE point blank range at a cruiser during the whole match?

  7. These ships on low tier are just so old school.  I expect to see the ‘San Pablo’ coming around the corner on these games.

  8. low tier ship always looks like a fishing boat 🙂

  9. Hmmmmm. So which 19 pointer to put in her. My Des Moines’s or my Worcester’s?…..

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