USS Des Moines Still Got it in World of Warships

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Still, after all this time, despite new ship lines being added to World of Warships that get stronger and stronger, USS Des Moines is good. It hasn’t been power crept and can hold its own in almost any situation. Not only that, it’s still a blast to play and remains one of my favorite ships in WOWS.


  1. I don’t deny Des Moines is still a powerful ship just her AA is not what it used to be. The was a time when CVs would do everything in their power to avoid flying near a DM

    • Yeah. In some cases AA was too strong back then. But overall its way too weak now.

    • @Feanor n but that was accepted for the American cruisers because that was the design theory behind them

    • @Skystalker Sure. No Torps but powefull AA. Makes also sense balance wise. However, it was overtuned back then. They were complete no fly zones. Just over the top.
      Imo they should still be a big threat to CVs. But WG doesnt care. They want a certain number of players palying CVs. Balance is no concern here for them. So we re stuck with our fireworks and reload first AA good CV players laugh at.

    • Goatranch Gaming

      you know people keep saying they were no fly zones but I remeber being in my AA spec Iowa next to a Des and a Cleveland during RTS days and all 3 of us were deleted by him/her the cv player

    • @Goatranch Gaming people dont remember when midway db still could clap a full health dm to zero even if it was full aa build.

  2. I was that Iowa in the beginning and in the other game. Was a pleasure playing with and against you! GG

  3. Noice. Now time for me to go play too

  4. Tbh, 233 hits mostly with HE should result in this many Fires. GG WP.

  5. DM still got it if:

    – You’re in a division with competent players supporting you, especially a dd spotting and smoking if needed.
    – No CV in the game.
    – No unicum div in enemy team against a potato div in your team.
    – You dont get RNG rekt from 22km by a BB camping in the back that just lolpens you with full overmatch.

    But yeah DM still got it.

  6. I was in my DM having fun and had nearly 200k dmg then a carrier came in ruined my whole game

  7. Double teething? Ouch man on multiple levels. My son had bad colic and I was practically a single parent using my GI bill for an IT degree. Zipfizz was the only thing that gave me enough energy to do all that and have some me time when he finally went to sleep.

    If you’ve never tried it I would highly reccomend it.

  8. Goatranch Gaming

    You have some lucky dice there with those fires

  9. DM is still strong because it still can lock down caps and kill things with its strong AP and HE dpm especially with reload mod.

  10. Steven Wiederholt

    If you Like the Des Moines. You’re gonna LOVE The Salem.

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