USS Enterprise Preview – World of Warships

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Note: This is a work in progress is subject to change.

The vaunted USS Enterprise is here for testing, and yours truly has tried her out. Now I am sure you know by now that I am not by any stretch the imagination, a “good” CV player. I do know the basics though and can hold my own. Sometimes.

The Kaga was a ship i could feel at home in. The Enterprise, not so much. In fact, I’d say if you are a poor to average CV player, you might want to bypass this ship for the Kaga which is much more beginner friendly. Matchmaking just hurts the Enterprise really bad.

I understand there is some serious historic value here, but only well seasoned CV players will be able to capitalize on her. I had no business in her.


  1. First

  2. So what you’re basically saying is that unless they give it a reasonable loadout of T8 planes because you know… T8 ship… don’t buy?

  3. And you didn’t even start with “Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages…”

  4. Good video Zoup

  5. This seems like it would be meh at T6 and underpowered at T7. T8 and above would be rather gross. “For skilled CV captains…” Im pretty sure a skilled CV captain could sink a Bismark with a Langley, doent mean Leangley is a good CV, just means the captain is good and knows how to play CVs.

  6. I cannot, we’ll I guess I can wg has done this to Enterprise. Zoup you are trying to put lipstick on a pig. what do you get when you clean garbage, you get clean garbage! I wish they would take US CVs out of the game because there insulting to my patriotism. stock usn cv vs stock IJN us losses everything. we also know they stink, except Sipan but this is over the top. they take Kaga and turn it OP and they take the pride of the American fleet and do this. WG will not get another dimension from me if they they release it like this, terrible torp spread, terrible torp speed, terrible 500 lbs bombs against t10 ships. Americans play this game to, we spend money on this game they slap us in the face. before you say “you want every us ship to be op” NO I want some respect for our fleet. the British have Belfast op, IJN Kaga op, I don’t know if the Russians have a ship that is op, and then the Big E. my problem 8s the name. if they want another underpowered us cv then go for it but call it something else, Yorktown, Hornet, or Franklin anything but the big E. They can’t make a cv op then the next one worthless to have. no I don’t like op ships prem ships should be more challenging than other this because more experienced people are laying them, but to release Kaga, then a kaga clone but worse and an a higher their and insulting me as an American is sick.
    Again I am arguing the name not the ship….

  7. They take an absolutely historic carrier and give it shit planes. Another great design choice by Wargaming.

  8. If you want to start with CV please start with the T4 CVs don’t buy a T8 ship and expect to be good in it against people who went up the silver lines and actually learned stuff.

  9. Nice review Zoup, keep ’em comin 🙂

  10. Short video & to the point, I like that!

  11. ugh, god. that failed ram attempt at the end. heartbreaking.

  12. You were using strafe. You aren’t a CV noob. Dirty liar.

  13. Don’t even say the Kaga is for new CV players because she is not! You have good alpha strike but your planes will die quite easily, the best CV for noobs is the Saipan, simply because it is overpowered.

  14. holy shit u r crap at carriers…maybe i can train u a bit? im pretty good actually…i think one of the best 😛
    your torp drops are actually pretty horrible…and the torp drops of this ship are crap anyway!
    your fighter control is also lacking…but u can get ok strafes here and there so thats a start

  15. The Enterprise has three main weaknesses: firstly the matchmaking, which often places your tier 7 planes against tier 10 AA, which is exponentially stronger than AA at tier 7 or 8. Secondly, despite the large hanger, you have a VERY low amount of strike reserves – further exacerbating the first issue; you can easily be de-planed of strike aircraft. Thirdly, the torpedo drop pattern is terrible, it is a divergent spread, with massive gaps and slow torpedoes. It is neigh impossible to land more than 4/5 hits per squad on even the most oblivious targets. Cross dropping destroyers or maneuverable cruisers is unreliable at best, and the panicked spread is laughably bad. In short, the Enterprise is inferior to the Shokaku in every meaningful area, and is only slightly better than the Lexington due to its ability to carry all three types of aircraft in a “decent” loadout.

  16. Sounds like WGs disdain for US CVs could finally cost them money (lost sales). I guarantee not as many people will buy the Big-E if it’s not on par with Shokaku. Go ahead and Buff WG.

  17. As an American player I am just frustrated reading the history of these ships and getting excited when they are introduced in the game only to be once again disappointed and upset when they don’t reflect the real ship. Wargaming can claim there is no bias until they are blue in the face, but there is. I understand game balance, but to release a premium carrier as famous as the Enterprise and have it be a waste of money is just upsetting. At that time in the war we had far superior aircraft, more experienced pilots, and superior tactics. Japanese were reduced to putting anyone with a heartbeat in the cockpit and slamming themselves into the side of a ship because they were desperate. Play WOWS and you would think American planes were made of paper. With American carriers in the game we get all of the drawbacks to playing a carrier and none of the benefits. It sucks.

  18. Proof the wg hates carriers: they take the greatest carrier in naval history and make it underpowered.

  19. I get it that you’re not very good in carriers but you should have noticed that attacking high tier US BBs that are at a higher tier then you self (Iowa/Montana) is an absolute no go. xD

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