USS Farragut Ranked Gameplay Guide -World of Warships

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Ranked season seven is here and we are playing in tier 6 ships this time around. The USS Farragut is an excellent choice for you to use to take to rank one and may be the best suited DD in tier 6 to help your team.

Armed with good guns and torpedoes, the Farragut has the ability to survive a knife fight. It’s true weapon though is its smoke, which is among the best of tier six. Use it to keep your team hidden from the enemy.

Best of luck this season!


  1. Michael Trauffer

    I’d like to add that her AP is excellent against broadside cruisers when at closer range. Farragut is an excellent ship!

  2. doesn’t main battery mod 2 slow down RoF?

  3. The idea that you stopped with a 10 point capt build is bewildering? OK, so point out which is more important to take first but dont stop there. You assume to much, I have a 19 point capt to put on the ship as I am sure a number of others that watch your videos do to. You just shut those of us that do out…

  4. ohh look ! Zoup is using the USS Faggot… ehm, no wait, that is actually how the ship is called, right ?

  5. Zoup, what other ships will you cover in this series?

  6. 711million elite captain xp? I’m drooling.

  7. Talks about a DD in Ranked, doesnt mention concealment once. OKay

  8. To me, she Will Always be the failagut

  9. wrong, aiming system mod 1 for second upgrade, traverse of the guns is fine and sure as fuck dont want that 4 second reload increased

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