USS Flint – World of Warships – 7 kills in 10 min

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Player: MFour
Map: New Dawn

A short 10 minute game showcasing how powerful this ship is in the right hands.

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  1. TCC MajorGoliathus

    holy crap dad sound ! Jesus ! Is that a mod ?

  2. .. und wieder ein Schiff aus dr Schublade “das Schiff gibt es schon” und
    wird nur neu verkauft, weil es langsam eng wird bei WG mit den Finanzen.
    Oder warum seit einiger Zeit dieses brechen von Versprechen aus früherer
    Aber trotzdem sehr gut gespielt! Glückwunsch

  3. Lol. i took so much crap in the forum when i said this ship was OP.
    Everyone had super stellar tactics to counter this ship ….. Yeah!

  4. its already released in ranked as long as u can get 2 rank 1

  5. Holy OP Batman – hopefully they dial it down a bit before release.

  6. nice player????

  7. Atlanta on steroids. Most OP ship in the whole game…smoke and hydro
    together is just brutal.

  8. Is the Flint OP? Understatement of the year 🙂 The Atlanta is my favourite
    ship and I have much envy knowing I will never own a Flint. Great demo job
    on the enemy team.

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