USS Florida US American Battleship World of Warships Wows Review Guide

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How to Play USS Florida American Battleships World of Warships Wows review guide & US battleship guide including ship build upgrades + American BB captain skills review tips strategy & tactics featuring high quality replay gameplay highlights.

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00:00 USS Florida Giveaway + Build and Captain Skills
01:00 USS Florida review gameplay guide
13:45 Brutal Dev strike Finale and match score cards

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USS Florida is the brand new premium tier 7 American battleship in World of Warships.
One of the preliminary versions of a battleship (Project XVI) designed to meet the Washington Naval Treaty limitations, and which preceded the North Carolina-class ships. The project was notable in that the ship’s main battery guns were placed in quadruple turrets. More info coming soon.



  1. IGN: Dachyshun
    Server: NA
    getting a prototype for the nc sounds really cool considering nc is my favorite ship in the game, I’ve seen it IRL several times AND it’s my home state. Though i suppose i have nothing nice to say about the state of florida, seeing a prototype NC in my port would be fucking sweet

  2. Hello and welcome everyone, update 0.9.9 is live and with it comes the new American battleships including the USS Florida. Unlike the other new additions USS Florida is quite fast for it’s tier and boasts some very accurate guns. There is a giveaway for this video when well received so make sure to hit the thumbs up button and enter using your ingame name and server in the comment section. I’ve included the full build as usual. I hope you all enjoy the video let me know in the comments and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  3. Ign: DukeOfZ
    Server: Asia
    She looks unique

  4. IGN: drengicw
    Server: eu
    this looks like a fun premium ship

  5. IGN: Jackypie
    Server: NA

    Florida interests me waaaaaaaaaaay more than the new tech tree BBs, and even more than the California which was a real ship. It’s like a tier 7 Alsace/Bourgogne, the only French BBs that interest me. For some reason.

  6. Interesting looking ship
    IGN: Destoyer20199
    Server: NA

  7. IGN : Aernaelle
    Server : EU

    Thicc BB are coming ;p

  8. IGN: VenividiviciNL
    Server: EU

    Nice to see a new BB, but I rather would have seen that WG first solved the issues we encounter in the game. No need to mention them as their number is pretty high and many video’s have been released on the issues.

  9. Garden Studio Design

    IGN: DeadTurtle
    Serwer: EU
    Alaska in tier VII with steroids

  10. IGN: Culotropio
    Server: EU

    It definitely looks like an interesting ship. Keep up the good work!

  11. IGN: zg_mmax
    Server: EU

    She is lookin good

  12. TomsonPRoDuctions

    IGN: TomsonPRD
    Server: EU
    Honestly the North Carolina as designed and laid down is a very unique ship worth having

  13. IGN: SXLightning
    Server: EU

    Seems unique ship

  14. IGN: yycs
    Server: EU

    Just try my luck.

  15. IGN: Daydreamerr
    Server: EU
    I am actually looking forward to Florida because they said it should be accurate.

  16. IGN: world_262
    Server: EU
    She look interesting…

  17. IGN : Rastein
    Server : EU

    Looks soo nice, atleast faster than 20 knt xd

  18. IGN: casual_scrub
    Server: EU
    Looks like a solid workhorse to play.

  19. IGN: DemonActual
    Server: NA
    Love how this ship looks

  20. IGN: Siegmeyer
    Server: NA
    Looks like a mini alsace!

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