USS Georgia Review – World of Warships Tier 9 Premium USN battleship

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Today we have a review the Tier 9 USN premium Battleship USS Georgia. ItR;s complete and ready to roll. The ship retains all the buffs it received, so that’s a nice incentive. Really, this ship is just a lot fun with it’s secondaries and speed boost.

To enter to win a USS Georgia:


  1. I love me some secondaries boats

  2. And where is the Yoshino? 🙁

  3. Georgia is a fine ship and I look forward to owning her. More so for Sigfried, the accurate Gneis cruiser with Graf Spee torps and 27mm plating.

  4. What dispersion issues? Her dispersion is better than other USN BBs by default.

  5. Love to play ships that can get into the fray and unload all kinds of damage cant wait!!!!love the Missouri but got to say it love having lots of options as far as ships are concerned!!

  6. Would love the Georgia! Love how she plays and looks, she looks AMAZING!

  7. Please let use be able to GIFT this ship! I would really like to gift this to my clanmate that is from Georgia, and other then the Texas is a free to play player. And a Good player at that.

  8. Would love the Georgia, love secondaries boats,
    Good Video from You – thanks Zoup

  9. Well, i have no idea without playing if georgia is good or bad for my playing style. I would like to give a shoot with it

  10. Great video. Ship looks like you said “fun”. Can’t wait to try her.

  11. this ship feels like a t9 repub, large guns, fast reload, decent secondaries, and speed boost

  12. She is a heck of a looker as well as looking like a fun ship to play for max lolz.

  13. Spineking Jørgensen

    Jesus zoup everytime i give your channel a chance it just has to mess up something. “dispersion issues” Wow… Didnt even mention the 6 guns as a drawback.

  14. The Georgia would be awesome a good premium with good blap potential but RNG dependent, Thanks Zoup.

  15. She looks good but 6 guns at long range is very inaccurate.

  16. Never mentions the best tier 9- BART! Jesus- Zoup are you stoned?

  17. guns are meaningful only vs cruisers as they can overmatch many. vs BBs they dont have special overmatch…but the highest dmg in the game. more than Yamato

  18. Zoup, would you recommend the special speed boost module in place of damage con 1? I cant decide weather or not to take the gamble.

  19. This is my new Yolo ship, friendship ended with Yamato, Musashi, and Montana… I think.

  20. Saw wayyy to many of those yesterday, holy JEEEBUS! Wasn’t expecting to have to lead 20s+

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