USS Kidd Kraken 5kill & Clearsky || World of Warships

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  1. Braddock Grimsley

    And… first

  2. A dd which doesnt use torps? Dafuk bb main??¿¿

  3. I don’t get why he didn’t shoot AP into the Richelieu‘s side…

    • DD that know what AP is are getting rare in WoWs.

    • @EatMy50Cal

      You should really learn more about damage and penetration.

      AP against broadside Ships deals more than HE as a DD.

    • Not true – if the target is >10km I would stick to HE, but AP on broadside on BB <6km against superstructure & upper belt does significant damage. Also unlike HE & Fires, AP pen cannot be fully healed which is great vs. BB since they can heal.

    • “but AP on broadside on BB <6km against superstructure & upper belt does significant damage. "

      You should try ap in your gearing against a 10km broadside BB it does just as much dmg as at <6km

  4. Needlessly wasting defensive AA, not using AP against <5km broadsides, not using torpedoes...this player is pretty bad.

    • Trades46 well ap with such small caliber is useless better spamm fires around

    • Fires & HE can be fully healed by BB repair consumable. AP pens can only be restored by a fraction. Big difference.

    • Trades46 well it matters not
      Waste the dcparty and heal so he can be perma flooded or perma burn,all it needs besides bb cant repair torpedo dmg and thats wat dds job is after all 😀

    • If you think USN 5″ AP is useless, you haven’t been paying attention at all in game…

  5. that moment in the end where im yelling “dont Notser”

  6. The worst aim i ever seen…

  7. 【Leiitooh】 ARG ツ

    Muy Novato!

  8. Worst replay ever?

  9. Interesting to see so many people complaining about this player’s play, but I don’t see their own better replays anywhere.

    • NightSniper2 it’s still a legit criticism though. You don’t have to show a better play to make a critique.

    • Jonathan Hall
      There are certain ways to make constructive criticism, but the aforementioned is not the way to do it. But then again, this is the Internet. I can’t expect any tact here.

    • NightSniper2 lol yep you are right about that. YouTube comments are the land of drive by assassin comments. Hahahahaha.

  10. Why keep zoom in and out all the time ….. worst aim ever

  11. what a rubbish replay……

  12. how a lucky noob i ever seen….

  13. So trolling game…

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