USS KIDD Review -The Pirate of the Pacific – World of Warships

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The USS Kidd is a Tier 8 United States Navy Fletcher class destroyer. Known as the in WWII, she is more of a Fletcher light in World of Warships. She is modeled in her April 1945 condition, where 51 Fletchers had there forward torpedo launchers removed in favor of more anti aircraft guns. It’s because of this that she plays very differently, so you’ll need to pay attention.

I cover a variety of things on the Kidd, first starting with her unique history before diving into my thoughts on the ship itself. Hopefully you’ll get ideas how you want to play her off of this, as she is much different than the Fletcher, and more like the Benson. I think she will find herself a home in ranked game play.



  1. glad to see more museum ships in game

  2. nice video zoupe, any news on battelship roma, something you can spoil to us, even if its a extreamly small hint to her relase year/month?
    like a reference to an event in the time service of the roma that hints the period of her relase

  3. Implying a person who hates the Benson has any word in any US DD related discussion.

  4. Someone will cry for torpedo reload booster in separate slot.

  5. Thanks for the history!
    USS Kidd ftw

  6. Great review and history Zoup.

  7. Re: Kidd’s torpedoes and reload speed-If getting a Torpedo Reload Booster consumable is not desired, either a shorter reload for the upgraded Benson/stock Fletcher torps or giving Kidd the Fletcher’s upgraded Mark 16 torpedoes with the current 2 minute reload seems like a doable tweek imo.

  8. *eyes balls the time stamp* ..good lord, what is that man doing up at this hour on a monday! Kidd eh? Ranked play if the air cancer has ya down, it’s a possibility.

  9. I think it should get the fletcher torps with 2 min reload or keep the benson torps but on a shorter reload to be ‘balanced’ imo
    Nice vid where you are constantly less that 100 hp 😛

  10. Remember torpedo reload speed is a funny thing, it doesn’t take into account the total amount of torpedoes you have buy how big your torpedo launcher is. It the reason why the Akatsuki ,with its 3×3 setup, over the course of a game can put the same mount of fishes into the water as Shiratsuyu with its 2×4 setup and reload booster. Also Akizuki, the Kidd’s IJN counterpart has the same slow reload on its launcher but gets offset with the reload booster but it doesnt get DefAA as a AA destroyer.
    And when compared with the Akizuki the Kidd seems nicely balanced.

  11. Would you say her gameplay is similar more to the Anshan/shinonome or towards the lo yang?Somewhat interested in this ship now, but buying lo yang has always been a regret of mine.

  12. “We had a victim already strapped in the stretcher when he was wounded.” LOL

  13. They are making a mistake releasing a Tier 8 USN DD with only one torpedo launcher. That makes it a gunboat DD, but it ain’t Russian …:P

  14. Hey, I can see my Kurfurst! We got our butts kicked in that match…

  15. Hey zoup, are you able to review the Harekaze?

  16. Thanks Zoup.

  17. Nice review thanks Soupsalot

  18. As usual, WG errs on the side of excessive caution when designing USN premiums.

    My solution:
    1) Give her Fletcher torps instead of Benson torps. She’s a Fletcher after all. Still only a single rack.
    2) Even more HP to compensate for the fact that she’s a much fatter target than Benson and hence easier to hit. Plus it also compensates for the lack of torpedoes.

    People need a reason to play her. Right now, Benson is simply much better in every way.

  19. The history was GREAT. Is this a premium? I really dont want to grind for this 🙁 Unless they make a new/separate line of course. 🙂 hahaha.

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