USS Massachusetts World of Warships Tier 8 Premium Battleship

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Her arrival is near. Big Mamie is on the horizon. And while is sister to the South Dakota class USS Alabama, she is not a clone. In fact, the Mass is better in almost every single category. That being said, the Bama is still a good ship, and here is your link for a chance to win one:

Now that’s out of the way, the Mamie itself is better than the Bama in almost every category. Despite this, some players might be hard pressed to notice a large difference in either ship. Overall, the Mass is closer to the North Carolina than the Alabama.


  1. I’ll own both. Also the USS Salem is in Quincy not Fall River

  2. Looking for my Jean-Bart to sink this alabama’s clone.

  3. Josy Naemi Köhler

    Well, the gunnery duel against the Jean Bart wasn’t particulary fair. Jean Bart was missing half her guns and was sitting in port. 😛
    But it showed, that damage to the turrets of the Richileus was one of the downsides. Once the turret got jammed, the ship would lose half it’s firepower. Or in case of Jean Bart, since the B turret was not installed, all her firepower.

  4. I can’t WAIT for the Big Mamie!!!!! Spent so much time aboard when I was a kid. Can’t wait! (Nice to hear it plays well too.)

  5. I just hope you can buy with gold or XPs not out right cash. I work right down the street from her and live about 10 mins away. Yep once I saw that she was coming been watching for anything on her. Thank you. She looks exactly like that in real life right down to her Funnel and radar mast. War gaming got her right.

  6. i’m going to have both cause the south Dakota class is my favorite class of battleship

  7. Nice Vid Zoup, but the differences are so small, the name of this ship should be the USS Takeadvantageofhistoryandmilkasmuchaspossiblewhilecloninganexistingship

  8. Not sure how i can buy the Alabama. Havent seen it in the shop in the past couple months. Guess I’ll buy this yankee ship.

  9. I already own the Bammy, I want the Mamie, sign me up Zoup!!!

  10. I want the HMS dido in the game

  11. So, in a nutshell, it’s Kind of like Prinz Eugen and Admiral Hipper here?
    Sure there are differences, but in the end they play so close to each other that you won’t feel the differences.

  12. So the Alabama ≠ Massachusetts but Prinz Eugen = Admiral Hipper?

  13. The giveway is NA right

  14. Need USS Washington. ;D

  15. accidentally in love

    only god knows how many ship lines wod have there been IF we did not have a billion p2wins

  16. The JP Kennedy, Loinfish, Hiddense and Massachusetts are in battleship cove along with a few PT boats, fall river mass. I visit often ? cant wait to get “Big Mamie” ? yep imma a yankee lol

  17. What about Torpedo armor belt? Alabama have 50% only Yammato have 56% i saw that Torp hit you in broadside you get flood ,in Alabama you would not get flood if torp hit in same place,,North Carolina have 19% protection of Torp armor belt!

  18. It’s like WG putting out 14 different variants of Sherman…

  19. MrSmithwayne Smith

    The only historical about any of world of warships ships is the names and size of guns. All the rest is made up arcade style game play. Even the whole spotting system is laughable. Being a navy brat and serving on a CA and Frigates I can tell you the whole way you can spot a ship @ 14 km and then it just vanishes…well its completely absurd, you spot stuff unless it vanishes behind a storm bank, fog bank of smoke you spot it all the time. The gun penetrations system is complete garbage, stuff just does not miraculously bounce 16 inch shells or over pen. A 16 in shell that goes into a ship doesn’t matter if its a DD, CA, BB, CV it does catastrophic damage. Depending where it goes it it will disable one or more combat or ship systems and if it pens below the water line you have a gigantic whole that is flooding the compartments around that hole. On the very rare occasion that shell will hit an ammo storage. I know its just a game but this whole citadel dmg system just makes me shake my head because as I said above a shell going in does not matter where it does catastrophic dmg. 2 shells hitting a DD in WW2 would pretty much take it out of action or quite likely sink it let alone 3+ shells hitting it.

  20. Getting sick of the powercreep for money grabs. Exact same class of ship but because Massachusetts is newer and they want to sell it they make it slightly better.

    It’s the same kind of crap that made me quit WoT.

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