USS Missouri is Back in World of Warships but Don’t Buy it

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USS Missouri is coming back to World of Warships. I know it sounds exciting, but please, don’t buy it. Save your doubloons. This ship is not what it used to be, and Wargaming should have made a new unique ship like USS New Jersey to sell. That would have made more sense. Selling this ship that was once available for free XP for what will likely be a lot of money is nothing but a blatant cash grab by tugging on nostalgia and history. Save your doubloons.


  1. This shows how desperate Wargaming is for money!

  2. Love to see the New Jersey and Wisconsin, forget the downsized Missouri.

  3. A sonar gimmick for either NJ or WI probably would have been better, either at or above the 6km that the GK has. THAT would have been very advantageous vs torpedoes. Add in a possibility for an icebreaker for WI due to taking the bow originally built for KY (?) for that added incentive.

    But, nope…lazy minds create lazier solutions.

    • Fips von Fipsenstein

      Just give it a russian shell velocity. I mean Missouri is a great ship, I set my personal dmg record with her. But it does not work reliably for me. In the vast majority of battles, I don’t do enough damage to make it worthwhile – if only because the grenades are in the air for so long that, according to international law, they should actually serve a meal on board.
      I prefer to drive a Giulio or a PEF. They suit me better – and in total I make just as many credits with them as with my Missouri.

    • As A Wisconsinite I APRROVE OF YOUR COMMENT!

  4. Is really that big of deal that she doesn’t make the same amount as money as before? I think a lot folks wanted her for the history and not for the credit printing.

  5. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I was fortunate enough to get this ship back when it was available for free xp (still had to convert some to get it, so still had to spend to get the dubs i needed),

  6. Don’t see the Mo often in randoms I see a lot of them in ranked. I find the team with the Mo on it tends to win (in ranked at least). I think that has to do with the fact the people who have it are veteran players who have been playing for quite a while. Makes sense no?

  7. ToughAncientSpark

    Players: “We want the New Jersey in the game.”
    Wargaming: “Ok, we heard you want a second tech tree line of Soviet aircraft carriers.”

  8. I love all these comments about “oh i’m gonna buy this for the historic value”. I think a better way to spend your money is to donate to 1 of the Iowa Class BBs instead. This ship is not worth it any more since it never got the “Heal Buff” the other US BBs got amongst other things. You are basically going to spend $100-$150 for a shitter Iowa with radar

  9. As BB player, I don’t need Radar, actually, I need secondary weapons and Hydra, yes german BBs

  10. I really wish I had one since I was stationed on board her during the Persian Gulf War.

  11. Major Disappointment

    Thanks Zoup i really still want the Mighty Mo that being said i will find it hard to part with all the cash.

  12. Thank you, I would have brought it thinking it be the same money maker

  13. I’m ok with the mo coming back since they will be giving me a camo that compensates for the economy nerfs. This coming from an original player that earned the 750k xp for my mighty mo

  14. I have the missouri bought when it was still available back in the old days… the sigma and disper was really bad when shotting a target at a very long distance, Ironically now when i play this the shots are super accurate its almost like they have changed the sigma , In the past I was only able to land 2 shells when firing beyond 12 k , now i can land twice as many shells and maybe even a citidel – saw ur video and i realized why this ship is so easy to play now, war game is so shaddy and theyll tweek the parameters of ships and not post them on the updates blog, just to fullfill a hidden agenda

  15. Damn… I’m tempted cuz I love the Iowa class ships.

  16. From a collector perspective.. I want the Missouri. Could care less if it prints credits.. I got other ships for that.

  17. Ragahaggamamongroteerungay

    Wants to keep the exclusiveness of having Missouri and tells us to not buy it.

  18. What I found cool while living in HI, I attended several promotions and citizenship ceremonies. All on the back deck of the Mighty Mo

  19. I’m just waiting for the AL waifus to come back, then I’ll be happy

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