USS Missouri the DEVASTATOR – 3 in a row || World of Warships

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  1. Well played but heart breaking. FEELS BAD MAN 🙁

  2. Kazeshini Hasagi

    The legend at his finest

  3. Richard Collins

    Those 3 straight up executions in the cap man!

  4. His early positioning was awful. It’s pure luck he managed to do anything that game.

    • DrPuffin several mistakes were made that costed that team.

    • I agree. He was one of two radar ships on his team compared to four on the enemy side. Positioning at D6 would have been better to threaten the B cap with radar. He took himself so far out of position his radar was worthless.

  5. The chat in this match is just as entertaining as the replay.

  6. I saw a lucky noob there .

  7. He had a perfectly broadside Montana at the beginning of the match but he decides to fire at the ship that is angled. Poor target selection.

  8. That battle for the middle was a thing of beauty.

  9. Wows at it’s finest….. He givs the enemys ”big boys” a match and reduce the damage taken by smart angles towards them, but dies to a f•••ing destroyers HE shots that sets him on fire….. bravo wows game no brain, no skill Just HE paradise….

  10. Yet another prof that bb:s are made for central position brawling and not sniping.

  11. y love bots .-)

  12. I want that B.B. accuracy in and around my mouth…

  13. Why I never see those idiot players who sail broadside at 3km????? (the moskva and the missouri)
    a lot of luck and great angling at the B fight

  14. Nicholas Michael

    As a cruiser / DD main I see a BB that ran to the corner and contributed nothing to the early battle.

    As everyone else died off he sneaks back in and “cleans up” and looks to be the hero while his complete lack of inclusion in the early fight is one of the reasons his team lost.

  15. 13:15 you’re welcome

  16. I don’t like people who camp so much. A good 5 mins of the game he spent by the map border. BBS are more than just long range snipers and I don’t think it was helping his team that he was so far back.

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