USS Monaghan / “When a Benson and a Mutsuki love each other very much”

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This is a strange ship… but sometimes quirky can work.


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  1. Thanks for a well-balanced review of this ship and its ups and downs. Others have not been so rational in their reactions. 😉

  2. Not that you dote upon quirky ships, Jedi?

  3. This would have been a decent enough premium with just the A hull – better concealment and HP than a standard Farragut, with the option of that same 30 second torp reload booster. I think where a lot of the negative press on the Monaghan comes from, is that it follows on the heels of the ultra-gimmick one trick pony known as Asashio, which has generated quite some controversy. My thinking is that the Monaghan is actually closer in concept to the HSF Harekaze, allowing the player to use different configurations as they feel the need or suits their playstyle. Given how I quite enjoy the Farragut, I would be one of those players that would quite happily run the A hull, with it’s advantages over the standard Farragut, to surprise unwary DD players who assume you’re running the 2 gun Benson torp configuration, who come charging in for an easy kill and instead find a “fully armed and operational battle station” awaiting them.

  4. My dad served on the USS Wisconsin during WWII and several times while he was alive recounted seeing several destroyers actually capsize and go under during a typhoon. He may have very well seen this ship go down. That’s just freaky to think about.

  5. I remember when Pointyhaired Jedi used to torp like Jingles.

  6. Two guns is definitely an extreme and not historic. But most of the surviving pre war US DDs had their gun and torpedo armament reduced after having a couple of these capsize in typhoons and hurricanes in 1944 and early 1945. The addition of extra 20 and 40mm guns, radar, hedgehog, and the crewmen to man them made them all severely overweight and top heavy, even though most of them had already given up their #3 mount (with the bad arcs). They then lost their #4 mount and their #2 torpedo launcher, the torpedo launcher spot usually taken by a quad bofors and the #4 mount position taken by a twin bofors.

  7. I have to add it is interesting seeing a ship with just two guns compete. It gives a gauge of what it might be like if they ever bring in Samuel B Johnston as a low tier premium.

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