USS New Jersey. Inside of Main Turret Gun | World of Warships

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New Jersey is one of the most highly decorated ships in the US Navy. After World War I, between USA and Japan began a real competition in who could build the most powerful fleet. And by the end of 1930s, the USA designed a battleship that went to become the best in her type. Get aboard the USS New Jersey!

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    It’s the perfect time to get together with your family, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, pour a hot drink, tip back in a comfortable armchair, and plunge into naval history!

  2. When your the first viewer

    Boo where is the 300k other fans

  3. You can almost see the ghost on this ship

  4. Will you ever add New Jersey to the game? WG visits her so much that you really should add her….. it’s almost crazy that you haven’t added her yet. As NJ nickname was the black dragon I’d be cool to see her with a reload booster.

  5. It really shows how poorly it’s maintained inside the main turret, even in the last video, the side walls need some good paint so that they may be preserved for longer duration…. And New Jersey is my favorite Iowa class battleship

  6. The fastest BB, ever sailed… “Before her Vietnam deployment the New Jersey obtained 35.2 knots at 207 RPM during machinery trials.” quoted by many sources. Sad to see here her turret compartments in such an bad condition ?

    • Lars van Valkenburg

      Kristof Kolumbus the turrets insides are not in bad shape, the old paint is just falling off over time for the most part and thats making it look like its in really bad condition but it really isnt. just needs a fresh coat of paint 😀

    • @Lars van Valkenburg glad to hear that ✌

    • Sadly these ships are maintained through donations from the public mostly… thats why they are in such disrepair…

  7. I like this type of videos. I want more!

  8. wrong, she’s the most decorated BATTLESHIP of US Navy

  9. I believe some of the viewers are overwhelmed by the peeling paint in several locations. It has to be lead based and may even have asbestos in it as fireproofing. A cleanup would have to be done under Haz-Mat circumstances and would be very expensive. A brief, one time exposure creates little to no chance of contamination. Sweeping it all up would.

    • Agreed, but still the eps still goes by one fiber csn kill you. We lsugh st thst durning the yesrly update clsssed.

    • It’s probably not lead paint. The US outlawed lead based paint in the late 70s and New Jersey was refurbished in the 1980s, almost completely stripped to bare metal, so there’s no way they would have let the shipyard use illegal paint. There’s probably lots of asbestos though, which is okay to be around as long as you don’t inhale it.

    • @Odin029 I can see the USN doing a complete job on the exterior to slow rust and corrosion. The Interior not so much since it has so little exposure to the elements. Since there are no infants or children to munch on it then why bother?

  10. We need her and USS Washington in game!

  11. Aspiring Champion

    So if people didn’t know the USS Texas is getting ready to depart to a new location, most likely for repairs.

  12. Dragonlord Deathwing

    I wanna love to see USS New Jersey and USS Wisconsin in Game 😉 Iowa class is my favorite ship class.

  13. The desc. is wrong

    The most decorated ship is the Enterprise

    • You’re correct. However, since the horrible decision was made not to preserve the Big E, the New Jersey is the most decorated ship in the US Navy still afloat and intact.

    • While the Enterprise has the most awards of any U.S. ship from World War II, Navy records indicate that the title of the most highly decorated vessel goes to USS Parche (SSN 683), a Sturgeon-class submarine.USS New Jersey was the most decorated battleship in US history. The New Jersey first served in World War II, striking targets across the Pacific.

    • @Timmyg 1004 Isn’s a sub a boat, and not a ship?

  14. Imagine a gun crew of 79 officers and sailors moving through those spaces while the ship is maneuvering at high speed in moderate seas.

  15. The most decorated ship in the US fleet was the enterprise

  16. I like this series, as much as I enjoy the “Naval Legends” series

    (obviously better than PR grind) ^.^

  17. Who all didn’t understand a damn thing they saw in the main battery turrets me

  18. Junior the Pegasus Medic

    I remember visiting the battleship when I was a little kid, it was astonishing to see such a massive floating ship. I can’t wait to visit again this year when they have the world of warships tour.

  19. Anthony Whisenant

    I was just on the New Jersey on New year’s eve and I’ve toured it many times!

  20. I am still amazed how something like that can be designed, built, tested and operated. The amount of manpower and resources is amazing to think of. All the daily scrapping and painting, cleaning, polishing, fixing, etc while it was still in service blows me away and was part of the retirement reasons. I have toured quite a few ships so far, Lexington, Intrepid, A couple of DD’s, subs, Texas, but not an Iowa. Yet…. Saw the New Jersey from across the river, just not enough time to tour properly.

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