USS Nicholas DESTROYER || 33 plane kills || World of Warships

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  1. Good game?

  2. CoolMan / DeutschlandCraft2004

    Should be the 2nd to watch

  3. First time I see a destroyer shooting down a plane

  4. impressive for a dd with base AA of 21. I like SIMs in full AA mode and Kidd ofc

  5. Who needs Cruiser XD

  6. nice videooo thanksss

  7. Had to click on it. It’s my fav t 5 destroyer!

  8. seal clubbing at its finest

  9. I had Nicholas And the AA sucks

  10. Threat that needle! I love seeing DDs plow through tiny holes in a line of torps!

  11. T 22 AA 23 I killed 14 in a game

  12. This must be a 19 point captain. Looks like you had bft, aft, CE, LS , and full AA build. My nichlos dd with 10 point captain can’t do that. All I have is bft , CE and LS , pt.
    Trying to get Farragut t6 next or maybe getting t-61 German dd seems fun.

  13. I put the comment in Spanish, because my English is very poor. Entre 6:55 y 7:30 comete varios errores. Está detectado y su Wyoming empuja en el centro frente a un Texas. Puede cubrir el Wyoming con humo y luego esperar y hundir al Texas cuando supere la isla, al tiempo que sigue dando cobertura AA al centro.

  14. 18:05 what is the mod hes running for the ships?

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