USS OHIO – Big GUNS + Secondaries 270K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. *sad Montana noises*

  2. A ship that makes the grind worth it.

  3. Евгений Дубский

    Cheater 12:30

  4. Евгений Дубский

    Play honestly need to

  5. Can they make a varient of the Grober Kurfurst with 460mm guns with a similar setup to the original?

    • WG is never adding another 460 mm ship. 457 is the limit for anything that isn’t a Yamato class ship.

    • They will never do that cause in making a kurfurst variant with 12 460mm guns is breaking the Meta for 10 X and the overall meta of the game cause it will be way too over-powered and just flat out stupid and plus if they were to actually try and do that then they would have to increase the HP too at least 114k from the kurfurst and kremlin 105k and 108k HP pool and then increase the Sigma rating through the roof and make the secondaries shorter ranged than normal but add more then they would have to give the ship a fighter aircraft consumable and hydro along with 4 heals cause they would have to make the detection by surface 32k and by air at least 29k and keeping the exact same range as kurfurst

      So in short if they actually made a version of the Grosser Kurfurst with 12 460mm guns that would single-handled break the game

    • What I was intending that this new Kurfurst would look like a super sized Bismarck with 8 460mm guns in 4 turrets of 2

    • @Man Hunter Still will never happen

    • @Mwi O Wargaming would never implement subs… Oh wait…

  6. 457 can’t citadel the HIN?

    • RNG rules…but
      the hinde was not far away and that ship from those distances does not take citadels easily even if completely broadside.

    • troll turtle back armor at its best

    • Роман Гайдук

      Caliber of the shell it`s only 40% from global penetration ability, in game mechanics big mean has speed and mass of the shell and angle of touching enemies armor, so only Yamato have all this things in one basket. This why OHIO is another bc who have ~460 guns but haven`t Yamatos penetration.

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      Hindenburg’s low profile in the water and turtleback armor makes her surprisingly difficult to cit.

  7. Hotfix this shit

  8. big gun and very good secondaries,so fun.

  9. Sacré Tonmou, il gère son Ohio

  10. What is this Yamato fucking hideous thing on top of the superstructure?

  11. El tio joe Comunista

    why the yamato`s radar is much longer?

  12. How about a large BB with three single gun turrets; 2 forward, one rear. Each mounting a Schwerer Gustav.

  13. woqp2910 woqp2910

    크기만 크지 개똥포. 차라리 9티어 장바르를 쓰겠음..

  14. OMG all that fckin kiddo Hindenberg can do is hiding behind island istead of supressing fire to support the GK. I’d have given him a blap of his life myself. Being pink doesn’t give me cancer, he did

  15. Imagine
    Kremlin hull
    11.3km soviet secondaries
    same kremlin gun 3×3 without soviet bb characteristic
    modified heal(short cd)
    normal dcp

    Better than Ohio.

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