USS Salem. Inside of main turret gun | World of Warships

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USS Salem is a heavy , one of the last artillery cruisers built in the USA, the Sea Witch of the US Navy, and …a giant that was late for the war. Nevertheless, her technical characteristics exceeded her time, as she was designed as a “nightmare” for the Japanese Imperial Navy. In this episode of Naval Legends, we will explore one of the most advanced cruisers of its time. Welcome aboard the USS Salem!

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  1. We want one of these videos done with the Chieftan 🙂

    • MrPirax The Chieftain does help with these videos, but he may not present them all of the time, like HMS Haida for example

  2. this could be a horror movie….. i was ready for the jumpscare that never came XD

  3. For a short time of development , the way how this was engineered and constructed. Is very awesome , I’m amazed that for ww2 lots of new machines and innovative design and products was used.

  4. There is nothing Bias about Wargaming and that’s what I love about the game. LMFAO 2020

  5. Unofficial visit? 🙂

  6. “Best heavy cruisers of their time”
    Then Soviets built Stalingrad
    … no wait

    • Pienimusta “built”

    • The soviets Started building Stalingrad in the 50s in which it was then cancelled before being finished in the late 50s…
      The DM class was in service before the Stalingrad class was even started.

    • Bull Reeves stalingrad also had severe structural problems. There is a false story that she survived broadside after broadside from battleship Cesare, but this is only because she was accidentally beached and couldnt sink.

  7. Some explanations would (have) be(en) useful…very confusing “architecture”

    • He was descending thru one of the Turrets and barbettes down to the magazine. At combat readiness those hatches and doors are often all sealed off so each crew compartment of about 40 sailors total (in a BB some more) had to work as a unit to feed up ammunition vertically from under the waterline to the turrets AND operate the hydraulics needed to rotated and lay the guns. Think of each turret as an independant building several stories tall and just a few feet wide full of pipes and electronics and about 40 men drilled to work without seeing eachother to feed those guns…not even considering Damage Control measures.

  8. History this is priceless thanks WG for the information keep them coming always interesting.

  9. This video made me a little sad. To see this ship is so neglected and starting to rust. I get it is hard to clean a ship of that size but some parts look like they weren’t cleaned after her decommissioning. The video is still cool though.

    • She really needs a better location. She’s at the old shipyard that built her on the Quincy /Weymouth line. But most of the shipyard buildings and equipment are gone now.

      There was talk of moving her to Boston a few years back when the pier she was at started to crumble. She’d probably be better off in Boston as she’d have higher visibility and access to more tourists.

    • She is in much better shape than many ships I have visited, unfortunately. For example, the USS Alabama is actually sitting in a few feet of mud and the lower few decks are completely flooded for about 15 years now after Hurricane Katrina, the USS Gato submarine had to be pulled out of the water, but is missing many of its machinery parts and fittings…though the TDC in the conning tower is completely intact AND still functional! quite fun to load a firing solution.

    • XeroSygnal So basically the USS Salem is in the same position as the USS Texas. The USS Texas is in worse shape but both of these ships have to be moved. Thanks for all of the inside info guys I really appreciate it!

    • Here’s a broom and a pan.

    • You don’t want to visit USS Little Rock or (even worse) The Sullivans.

      Sully has a permanent list at this point.

  10. It looks like that turret needs a little TLC.

  11. I love thie Naval Legends Series and have 2 say we need more

  12. World of Warships Official Channel

    Hey! We’re starting the year with a special marathon that features a selection of updated episodes of the best historical series on our YouTube channel. It’s the perfect time to get together with your family, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, pour a hot drink, tip back in a comfortable armchair, and plunge into naval history!

    • The Navel Legends series is one of the best things WG did that wasn’t part of the game itself.

    • Why are you censoring comments? Are you guys afraid of being exposed? Fragile minded?
      WeeGee is shadow banning people who talk about the PR or them botting likes.

  13. Wish the tour had some narration so we could know what we’re looking at or how it operates

    • even they didn’t know what they were looking at.

    • Des Moines – class had auto loading 8in guns. So no crew would have been standing in the gun area like you would see in the videos of the Iowa-class BBS. Just the back half would have Been manned. They camera man went down into lower rungs whee the shells and powder cartridges were stored, again, all automatically loaded, probably watched over by a crew man. Entire video appears to have been shot in the gun house and barbette structure, the very last bit before the return to the gun house being the bottom on the turret structure and way for the turret crew to go into the rest of the ship without having to climb out of the gun house and onto the main deck.

  14. Thought this was going to explain how the guns actually worked. Still amazing though.
    Reminds me that I need to go exploring on my ship, USS Wisconsin BB-64…Speaking of, when r u guys going to get down here to do a video on us?!

  15. Seriously crawling around a war ship with sandals?


  16. Why does it look like the person is literally walking through a shipwreck?

  17. Not the footwear that I’d of chosen, but I like my feet.

  18. Thank You WG for presenting this content.

  19. Holy tight spaces Batman! I would get so claustrophobic in the underside of the turret. Can’t have been easy to be doing you job in there.
    Interesting video.

  20. Sam the Brick-man

    You guys in the preserve those Tourette’s

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