USS SALEM – THE TANK Des Moines || World of Warships

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  1. So the Salem is a Des Moines with Minotaur’s heal

    This is disturbing

  2. When will she be available, and how?

    • you can’t get her anymore, she was part of a Halloween event a few years ago if i remember right

    • Agarast according to the website, and forums, the Salem will be available by the new upcoming currency: Coal. How much coal is the better question.

    • What we CAN be sure of, a ship this strong.. It’s guaranteed to only be given to the best of the best players and the most hardcore cheaters. Cause, both of those demographics REALLY need the help getting more OP ships, don’t they?

    • its comfirmed for 0.7.6

  3. Schönes Schiff und verdammt gut gespielt der Herr.

    • Danke ^^ ich versuche sie etwas offensiver als die Des Moines zu spielen denn ich denke dann kan man den stärkeren Repair besser nutzen

  4. Clayton Stothar

    is reguard ship?

  5. Look like a cruiser, Fight like a Battleship

  6. Is work in progress?

  7. Just what world of warship need another Very OP cruiser

  8. Why don’t they add USS Alaska instead of these Des Moines-like ships?

    • Nathaniel Hawthorne

      Bashis Horizon they probably will at some point as a premium ship. The Alaska is kind of it’s own beast, and I’m sure WG wants to monitor how the Kronstadt and Stalingrad perform balance-wise before they add more battlecruiser-like ships.

    • Nathaniel Hawthorne Yup, that actually maked sense.

    • Alaska is a bit odd. Small battleship guns and armour, but no built in torpedo defence at all. Very vulnerable to torpedo attack.

  9. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    So a Des Moines with super heal – balanced by lower radar range, interesting.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer I think it has a worse dispersion or sigma value too.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I doubt… They look like typical USN floaty arcs of the Des Moines.
      WG always has 2.05 sigma – for T9-10 Cruisers and for T10 Destroyers. Now that Kronstadt and Stalingrad Battlecruisers also have 2.05 sigma as well…

  10. next premium ship kaba with yamato guns and mino reaload. WG do you listen?

  11. Panzerknacker Ur vidéo are awsome but why u dont put upgrade module or captain build liké Flamu or Notser pliz Can you do it ?

  12. BlackTorp Player

    He has an Atlanta Radar and NOT a RN heal. RN heal is much more powerful…

  13. well played Sir!

  14. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Damn good vid, now that was a naval battle.. It almost look like they were completing a mission.. It looked that easy….🚢

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