USS Sampson =) World of Warships

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  1. Keep up the great content

  2. #savetheseals

  3. Love the content…..but not this! Decent players div’ing up at T2 is an embarrassment! Seal clubbing like this is poor content panzer, and is detrimental to the game as a whole

  4. How many baby seals did you just steer away from the game?

  5. ธรรมรักษ์ วัฒนกูล ϟϟ

    GG gut gut

  6. I go sealclubbing too but if anything at tier 3 in a st Louis. at t2 it’s to harsh on New players who get turned off the game by stuff like this. I mean sealclubbing is easy and shouldn’t happen at t2. just an opinion

  7. I’m from Buenos Aires! And I say KILL EM ALL!

  8. 5:50 Lucky Luke moment

  9. This is not a seal clubber. He is an average player that got a good game. You can check his stats on the ru server. You can also understand by the was launching 5km torps at targets 8 km away. Everyone has a good game once in a while

  10. Seal-Clubbing is fun, but should only be enjoyed in moderation. Too much SC-ing will push away too many new players and cause the game to become stagnant.

  11. Amazingly good results from extremely mediocre play. Not sealclubbing, just flukey.

  12. You can see the player is no seal clubber by the way he continually overshoots his target. Lacks a bit of experience – but not good luck!

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