USS TEXAS is a legend in World of Warships Legends

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  1. Since chonky ‘merica dreadnoughts, pretty please for a Kansas showcase?

  2. Good old Texas, I’m very happy that she’s finally in drydock

    Still waiting for Caracciolo

  3. great video, what do you think of the new German line? I have been destroying people with the tier 6&7 and have a few more clips to upload of the secondary guns just putting in work.

  4. Since you mentioned the HMS Victory in the video, and since it was Nelson’s flagship during the battle of Trafalgar… what about HMS Nelson for the next video?

  5. Hopefully you get a chance to show the new German battlecruiser/fast battleship line, or maybe the Graf Spee

  6. I was beyond ecstatic that Texas performed better than anyone had hoped on her way to dry dock. Sure there had been repairs to ensure that as little water would make it into the interior of the ship as possible, but still. She handled the journey extremely well for a ship of that advanced age.

  7. Appreciate you showing love to the USS Texas my man 💪🏼

  8. Apparently ( This from the Battleship New Jersey YouTube channel) in US Standard battleships / older dreadnoughts, Gun crews were manually carrying gun powder & shells to reload the main guns unlike the fast battleships where they had elevators to assist in reloading.

  9. Used to volunteer my time restoring the Texas, got to explore portions of the ship that was off limits. She really is a special ship!

  10. I absolutely love the Texas. She’s my most played ship and I was able not watch her move in person last week. Beauty of a ship!!

  11. Since Mackasen is being added to the game officially so could we see P E Fridrich? She’s my favorite tier V BB I have

  12. Gotta aim for the smokestack of the Ranger when firing BB AP. Less chance of overpen and more citadels.

  13. Hey PG, how about a video on the Prinz Eitel Friedich? I decided to give it a go, and it’s a pretty good performer especially if spec your commander for secondaries. It eats cruisers for breakfast. It would also be relevant since German battlecruisers are in early access.

  14. Tier 4-6 (especially 5) seems to be the most fun at the moment, but the money making is really at Tier 7, especially with premiums. If you need 30 million fast just play premium ships at Tier 7 with premium time active (7 days of premium time is enough, 3 if you have 3 days of free time to play Legends). If you aren’t an absolute scrub you’ll earn 30 mil really quickly. The small payment you’d need to get premium time is a small price to pay for easily making millions in credits.

  15. These are great replays, i love that you speed up the boring bits!

  16. hey mate, just wondering where you get your stats for tier to tier weight,speed etc?? I’ve seen it in previous videos and I would love to have a look at these lists myself

  17. 4:40 is literally me every time I fire at a carrier XD

  18. Could we see the Roma? I’m curious how you build her.

  19. Now I gotta ask can you do a video on the Wyoming because IMO I think it’s the best of its tier and I want to see how you’d perform with it

  20. Can we please do a video on how strong Tallinn is? It’s AP is god tier

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