USS Texas. The Story of Superdreadnought | World of Warships

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One of the last remaining dreadnoughts in the world is the American Texas . With the help of the archival wartime newsreels and CG animation, we will tell the viewers about the most important points on the battle path of the veteran ship: covering the Normandy landings, artillery duel against the Hamburg battery, and supporting the Iwo Jima invasion.

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  1. Thanks WOW for helping us remember, learn and honor history.

  2. I still can’t get over how they made the move to flood the bulge so they could fire farther.

  3. Thanks for the history Wg

  4. So glad, they choose to keep this ship… I love her… Such an old beast but still fought in an war, she was’nt build for…

    So proud and epic…

  5. christopher tucker

    Easily my fave BB from the usa

  6. For those who don’t follow.. She is up for repair.. They are dredging the channel to remove her from her dock. She is being sent to Alabama for a drydock repair of her hull to make her structural sound again.. Not to mention, they are moving her to a new port (not disclosed yet) for better flow of visitors. During the Oct 26 Anchors Away tour I was there. It was an amazing event! I cant wait to go back to see her after the repairs and new port of call are made.

    • The preservation of the texas must be done, she is the last of her kind, and the last dreadnought, any effort done to preserve her will be worth the effort, like how mikasa is preserved being a pre dreadnough, the hms victory as a ship of the line and some other ships that are ironclads and monitors

    • Life's Little Anecdotal Moments

      @BiffBuffchest yeah I’ve been quite a few times.

    • Life's Little Anecdotal Moments

      @Drunk Squirrel Me? or one of the others? and for what? the fact she’s off limits and fixing to be moved to ‘bama for work? that’s been in the news a while now.

    • Tirpitz7 Yeah and it seemed as though even its home state forgot about her. For decades they tried dry berthing her but funds always came short. Finally this break for the Texas is truly rejuvenating.

  7. And my first premium.

  8. @ 1:41
    Texas: im gonna do whats called the pro gamer move

  9. it’s a tragedy no WW2 RN battleships were preserved.. instead, short-sighted post-war govts ( Labour from 1945 ) scrapped them and turned them into razor blades etc…. Warspite should have been preserved and perhaps one of the KGV class.. instead, all went.. so well done to USA for preserving so many of their great ships…

    • Thing is, the UK was broke after the war and simply couldnt afford the upkeep to save more than a couple of ships, and even the ones they did save needed to be smaller like HMS Belfast, who was saved and preserved.

    • Their were some battleships that were not scraped like the US Iowa, and South Dakota class battleships survived the war. 1 of the Iowa class battleships the USA Missouri is at Hawaii in Pearl Harbor right now and like the Nazi battleships Bismarck, japanese battleships yamato, and British battleships king George V, the Iowa class battleships were super battleships and the Iowa class were the only battleships with the ability to fire a nuclear shell.

    • In fact the USS Iowa class battleships, Iowa,Missouri,new Jersey, and Wisconsin were still used after WW2 against North Korea, Vietnam and the iraq, and Iran wars and the last time the Iowa BATTLESHIPS were used was during the iraq, and Iran wars due to a gun malfunction.

    • The Iowa battleships are now museums 1 is in Hawaii.

    • Although we might bring back the battleships if tension in Iran turn into war.

  10. That commander must have been high on weed for doing something like this

    • Probably had one of the midshipmen approach him and quietly suggest that course of action. It’s the NCO’s who always come up with the best practical solutions to problems that stump the brass hats.

  11. love our battleship! Hope to visit her again soon!

  12. BIGJAKE1964 /////////


  13. I hope to see this ship someday!

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  15. as a 21 year navy retiree, this has an enormous impact for me. well done.

  16. Is this an old video last time she was listing to one side and the hill was leaking and I thought they was going to remove the water and put her on dry land to save her

  17. The Texas is the first ship I play everyday when I get in game. To me it’s a fun, hard hitting great ship that can take a beating and give one.

  18. This will forever be my favorite warship. Thank you WG for sharing this brilliant history. Texas is truly one of kind.

  19. “One of the last surviving Dreadnoughts”
    Actually the ONLY surviving Dreadnought

  20. yay, uss texas is my favorite battleship

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