USS West Virginia (1941) / “Conspicuous bulge”

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Gee, who comes up with these titles anyway?


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  1. “Country Road.
    Take Me Home.
    To The Place.
    That I Belong.
    Did A Bethesda.
    Instead Of ’44.
    They Gave Us ’41.”

  2. “Our cruisers cannot repel firepower of that magnitude!”

  3. To be completely honest, I haven’t heard half of your review due to the blood pumping in my ears, because your constant lack of sufficient lead on broadsiding targets is REALLY distracting. 😀

  4. Almost Heaven…

  5. A 21kt BB at T8? Well, as much as it would face T10’s it would need a LOT. Minimum would be a Nelson level zombie heal. Plus, given it’s so slow and would have a hard time getting into the battle, it would need some super duty level spotter plane. And probably a buffed rudder shift given every CV and DD would just dunk on it.

    • It could maybe get away with the upcoming improved (i.e. Colorado) heal if there was a shorter cooldown for the repair consumable, and if you paired that with a shorter DCP cooldown too, it would be a potent combo.

  6. “I hear a voice in the morning hour she calls me.”

  7. I personally feel like it would have been better to just scrap West Virginia and put in USS Nevada post-Pearl Harbor. Sure she’d have the same amount of 14 inch guns as New York class, but the layout is much better as they superfire fore and aft, the standard design came into place with the same armor as New Mexico and Arizona, but the benefits of it would be great AA. The four duel 5 inch turrets as secondaries could also be a mini Massachusetts spec (ONLY if she was seen as underperforming). Am I crazy or wouldn’t that be pretty sweet?

  8. Pff…Alaska is what I want.

  9. there isn’t an East Virginia then ? 😛

  10. I’m here for the conspicuous bulge

  11. Not seen many reviews of this ship.

  12. Another option for the West Virginia 1944 would be to just ignore the fact that it would be all-around better than Colorado, because Colorado is terrible so that’s not really saying much. As the saying goes, the team with the most Colorados loses.

  13. Who would want a 21kt tier 8? Someone who wants a battleship that essentially cannot be torpedoed. Maybe, deep water torpedoes could go below those torpedo blisters, maybe.

  14. Tickling the Ostriches

    Is Caption Guy only doing the titles now?

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