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Tier 9 premium USN cruiser, whos gimmick is to have decently fast shells and fast cycling spotter planes. I gotta say that now when you can use your spotter planes and still continue to aim properly, they because much more useful to me, but I still think the gimmick of a ship should not rely on them.

This ship is not bad actually, but my luck with it is limited to say the least.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Safe flight flambino

  2. Don’t remember this ship at all. Seems decent.

    • Its a steel ship, and not worth it imho unless you are swimming in that resource and the Val is the only ship left to get

    • @Frans v. T even then i’d hold on to the it in the event they add a new steel ship lol

    • CruisingForMermaids

      @Frans v. T Or you don’t like CVs or BBs (Bourgogne excepted, of course!). It was my 6th Steel ship and challenging but fun to play.

  3. Only 1 bro. Only 1

  4. It’s not worth it to get this ship for steel unless you get all the other steels ships and have plenty of steel. I think WG will remove it in the future just like they did with Black and the other T9 soviet dd and put it back in the armory for coal again.

    • Most probably. I got it, having all steel ships + 52k waiting for Gato and something else to come in the future. I think Gato will cost like Ragnar and Z-42 about 27k steel.

  5. Waverley Journalise

    Pretty sure this ship exists only for steelwhales and USN buffs. No spotting, no hydro, all you can do is hang back and faaaarm. Barely anybody shot at you and you still lost half your health…

  6. Vallejo looks kind of like Minotaur and Cleveland class had a buccaneer night together “Ye light me fire fancy flanks!”

  7. Have a nice and safe journey to UK Flambass

  8. That gameplay looks fairly boring… And you don’t even have the utility of a Wooster!
    A poor steel ship IMO.
    BUT a real pleasure to watch you play Flambino, as always 🙂

  9. Thats funny. I have to be in Vallejo, CA tomorrow morning. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. That Smolensk on enemy team was a key player indeed.

  11. The enemy team- skips forward for a second.. thought it was a playback error so i watched again lol 5:25

  12. Got to get my fix of the grumpyest man on Youtube.

  13. 2nd one was 1986

  14. How many times have you stolen a kill ?

  15. What’s special about Vallejo besides its price tag?

  16. i congratulate all muslims feast of Ramadan

  17. Muy Bueno, esse

  18. Ahhhh …. Memories…. The beginning of this video. I remember my mom and sister heading out for a weekend so my dad renting Alien & Aliens on VHS and the two of us watching them. Good times. I was like … 12? Best. Dad. Ever.

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