vampire 2 – This ship is my favorite destroyer in world of warships

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  1. so what I’m hearing is trenlass is a vampire too.

  2. holy shit this guy is focused , look at his eyes when shooting 🙂

  3. WOWs 101 with Sherman: Your front guns are at the front. Remember that boys

  4. Trenless out for blood with his Vampire 2 and his minions. Always better with friends. GG!

  5. not better than a yami. no way or a smalland

  6. HMAS Vampire was a fine ship, I served on her sister ship HMAS Vendetta in 1979. The Daring class destroyers who were the backbone of the Australian Navy in the 1970s, particulalry helpful for NGS (Naval Gunfire Support).

  7. reading the title: *sad Elbing noises* 🙁

  8. took me a few games to figure it out, but i can have fun in it…..thank you for posting

  9. This is my next and final research ship for a while. Saving my steel finally cause no more good coal ships at t10 .
    Now to grind all the branches 🥳

  10. daring is better IMO.

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