Vampire II – World of Warships

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Since I’m farming snowflakes, here’s another ship you can watch now and probably not too soon again.

Again I just fancy other ships 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The chat you were having was even more entertaining than the battle.
    Such a good vibe!

  2. “Keeping up foreign relations mam, showing him the bird, you know the finger?” -“Yes I know the finger Goose”

  3. I have just enough to get the Vampire 2, would you recommend it over the other 2 RB dd’s?

    • Love my vampire 2. Made the grind to get her really worth it. Can’t comment on the other 2 dd’s as I made vampire 2 my priority but I have no regrets about getting her

    • best cap contesting DD. So if you like to contest DDs take it. Its overall stronger than Druid. Paolo is the most fun tho

    • Its the better option over the other RB DD’s, but it does have its issues, still a good ship but you have to be a little more careful than you would be in a Daring

    • @radialdrift more careful? how so?

    • @Zachary Redmon It has a low HP pool and no heal, so you need to pick your battles. I haven’t found it to be a great pick for ranked, its a lot better in random battles.

  4. 7:00 yeah, had really no other choice. Sad thing is I pinged the map trying to warn my team of Trenlass and Mr G pushing from the side, went as well as you’d expect…

  5. This is just “trolling Flambass now” isn’t it? lol

  6. that Salem witnessed Manfred von Richthofen Counterplay

  7. The glee in Trenlass’ voice when he said “yeah, I have my spotter plane ready:D”

  8. Flambass playing a dd, staying in smoke and complaining about spotting 😀

  9. Same here

  10. Jingles take on the two bros game is out:)

  11. What is that camo on the 2 GKs? Looked like some sort of anime or transformers camo to me.

  12. I just watched Jungles’ commentary on that 2 Bro’s game. All he did was laugh. Priceless!

  13. Mr G: because we need to be pirates
    Flambass: uh huh, ya.

  14. Sure achievements with no reward…

  15. Just watched Jingles review your 6 man 2 brothers rush video. Y’all had no business winning that but.. ya did.. LUL

  16. 9:48 The Good , the Bad and the Nicest.

  17. I just watched your team rush on Two Brothers w/Trenlass and Gibbons, on Jingles’ channel.

    That was some funny stuff.

  18. “I’m playing with the two biggest infidels ever”
    “BTW Flambamarino”……Comedy Gold

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