Vanguard – BETTER but still BAD….World of Warships

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  1. the ship recives a lot of little buffs – i still think its not good enough for a proper T8 BB ………..
    Durability is fine now ( much better citadel) but the guns are very average.

    Changes to the last version:
    Consumable сhanged: ” Repair team”
    Cooldown: decreased from 80 (120) to 60 (90) seconds
    Recovery efficiency: increased from 0.5 to 0.6 % per second
    The citadel size has been reduced
    The rudder shift time has been reduced from 16.2 to 9.72 seconds
    The AP shell detonation time has been increased from 0.015 to 0.033 seconds
    The detection range has been increased from 14.76 to 16.04 km
    The visibility after firing MGs in smoke has been increased from 13.51 to 14.73 km

    According to the first test results, this battleship was too vulnerable to the AP shells of enemy battleships. Improvement of shells, reducing the size of the citadel and the acceleration of the rudder shift time will allow Vanguard to live longer and manoeuvre betterunder fire. At the same time a faster rudder shift compensates for the uncomfortable MG firing angles.

    AP shells of the battleship often exploded without reaching the citadel of the target during the test. With the new fuse timings, AP shells will detonate more often in the citadel of targets, however, the number of overpenetrations will also increase

  2. let me know qhat you think about this ship in its current state ?!

  3. Looks nice though.

    I do hope they fix her properly. Wasted opportunity otherwise.

  4. Shame, she’s a beautiful ship.

  5. Wot music

  6. Tier 6 guns on a Tier 8 battleship

  7. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    rausgeholt was ging…

  8. It’s a t8 warspite sort of
    And the ship is beautiful
    Hope they don’t ruin it with stupid buffs
    Or release it too underpowered

  9. It’s almost worth getting now… Almost.

  10. Christopher Colasurdo

    Hood is still better tier for tier

  11. They need to get it to perform at the same level as the NC or SD class BB’s otherwise it’s a waste.

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