Vanguard really not bad :) 186k || World of Warships

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  1. Decent ship at t8….suffers terribly when uptiered. Which is far too often these days!:(

    • Barry Hutchison still better than a Roma
      And with the accuracy and rof it’s pretty ok

    • +Underviv true, I was surprised at how bad the Roma’s guns are. Bought it based on cc reviews without fully realising how badly the nerfed the accuracy!:(

    • Barry Hutchison yup even if those guns had good acc
      The range 18km which is retarded at t8 and over pen issues wouldn’t make it op

  2. Yo panzer we really need this 60 frame per second pls do something about it

  3. This guys doesn’t know you can’t overmatch 27mm bow armor with 381mm guns…

  4. As low tier ur another he spammer. So will mostly bounce…. Tirpitz guns has better pen in my feeling

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