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Today we take a look at HMS Vanguard and whether or not she if worth purchasing. World has finally released her, so naturally its time to review her. She has changed a lot since her first testing. While the changes make her comfortable, she is still somewhat blase.


  1. I’ll stick with Big Mamie.

  2. I can’t even afford this

  3. Wow… disagree. She’s AWESOME. I’m doing a ton of damage and I rarely get punished. She’s incredibly accurate. And her rudder shift makes up for her gun angles. She’s a great boat. She’s not an entry level boat, but she’s amazingly good.

    • My guess is, you’re playing her wrong. Try playing her like she’s a heavy cruiser.

    • +Chris Dietz While this may work the problem is that your team has one less ‘real’ BB on the team and one more heavy cruiser. I think the game needs a new line of Battle Cruiser introduced then each team has a better chance of being ‘balanced’. Notser likes this ship though 🙂

    • I agree Chris, play her like the Roma and get on the flanks and she’s a monster.

    • She is nothing like a Roma except the gun caliber. She is super accurate. Roma has the worse ever guns. She is good at killing broadside cruisers. Roma will over pen all day long. She has decent AA, Roma has terrible AA. She has poor armor even when bow tanking. Roma has excellent armor, especially when bow tanking. Even Yamato has difficulties penning the bow of a Roma. However, Roma has the citadel above water too. Roma has super fast turrets. Vanguard has meh turrets speed. But both are maneuverable and need to flank because of their gun caliber.

    • Her firing angles suck so much

  4. Keep the sigma; buff her _dispersion_ to incredible levels of stupidly tight (and stupidly good consistency). And give her another km or two of range, since she can’t fly off a spotter.

  5. Thank you Zoup nice and short and to the point . I do like the way you are Straight up with us .
    Just for your info Zoup
    HMS Vanguard was built in Clydebank Scotland by John Brown and Company ..
    Commissioned on 12th May 1946 . and She is gorgeous and am now saving the pennies to get her 🙂
    as a Brit I have just gotta have them all 😉

  6. Going to disagree with the review, she is more like a heavy cruiser than a battleship. You want to be in mid range and use her rudder to avoid the t9/t10 damage you will see. She really is not meant to be up in the brawler ranges of an engagement. Though I would not mind if the dispersion was decreased a bit. ^.^

  7. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    OK… the last BB on history is a tier 8…
    why it’s hard to me to understand that?
    should not she be like tier 9 at least?

    • Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

      Glupi Medo so basically she is “The monster of Frankenstein” of the battleships.

    • Jean Bart was finished in the 50’s

    • +bladeclanhalo3 Welllllll, the Bourgogne is a tier 10 with 15″ guns. Of course, she has TWELVE of them, rather than the 8 the Vanguard has, as well as the strong secondary battery of the Alscace. I think a better way to put it would be that a BB with only EIGHT 15″ guns would be underpowered at tier 9 (or higher).

    • Diego, I think that WG had been saving Vanguard all along to be the tier 8 premium BB for the RN. And frankly, I think that that’s the right place for her. Other than her historical nature, there’s not all that much special about the Vanguard. She uses old WW1 era guns, and her turrets were originally used on the WW1 era battlecruisers HMS Courageous and Furious. Basically, the Vanguard was a one-off, quickie build (as much as any battleship can be considered a “quickie build”, of course), rather than the beginning of a planned class, like the Lion class BBs that were intended to be built but were cancelled.

    • Battlecruisers aren’t battleships. Britain had that the hard way at Jutland…

  8. Nice vid but Vanguard isn’t special for being the last commissioned BB that title fell to Jean Bart who was commissioned after Vanguard, instead Vanguard is special for being the last commissioned British BB and the last BB launched in the world, she was built up in Scotland by John Brown and Co. on the Clyde who also constructed the Hood. As always an interesting and entertaining vid.

  9. Vanguard, imo, when she’s top tier, is practically overpowered. She trounces the German BBs in main battery fire power, agility and AA protection. She’s a better jack of all trades ship than the Monarch which despite having triple mounted turrets gets screwed and forced to use HE most of the time thanks to the notoriously bad British AP krupp on the BB line ships. Cruisers should be terrified if they get caught in her sights because she’s near dead on accurate thanks to the 2.0 sigma, and her heal is above average. 7.8 second rudder shift time, that includes all rudder upgrades, turns her into a cruiser with armor and BB guns. Pure and simple. And that is scary to a lot of people. It catches them completely off guard.

    • I would point out that on the T7 and 9-10 German BBs has good protection for some or all of their heavy AA/DP batteries being in enclosed turrets. (which is where their majority of AA power is). Vanguard has exposed 40mm mounts (which are the majority of her AA power).

  10. I so want this ship but a tier 8 is a pass. Until WG fixes their terrible 2x uptiering tier 8 is a waste of money. The 2x uptiering is bad on everything from tier 5 on but tier 8 seems to be only matched by tier 5 when it comes to being f**ked. I won’t give them a cent for premium ships of tier 5 or 8 until they fix this.

  11. Zoup, I think your getting lazy on your reviews, if you don’t KNOW where the real ship was built, then don’t talk about it instead of saying “whatever comes to mind”. I’m a fan, but I won’t get back the 5 minutes of my life watching this “review”. Please, do your homework in the future.

    • He was indeed lazy to even do the preview of the early iteration of this ship (it was garbage after all). I’ve watched Zoup many times and I believe he has a tendency of “only” (seriously) reviewing ships he likes, Alabama for instance. I still remember how he spoke highly of that ship despite the early version of her has the old Iowa citadel (of which complained by many other CCs).

  12. Can you provide any source information on the accuracy of her fire control system with respect to other BBs that you talked about in video?

  13. I disagree with the review, I think she’s a very capable ship… the rudder shift and concealment make it probably one of the best Tier 8 BB’s to get up-tiered in as you can use both to mitigate the weaponry at top tier. Her guns are accurate, the AP might not pack a lot of damage at the top tiers but you have decent HE too, that combined with the maneuverability allow you to use different play styles depending on your opponents to give you better results than most of her counterparts at tier 8. – Probably the most versatile BB at her tier if you play her correctly.

  14. I agree she’s Meh, too many other good T8s to compare her to. I do like Hood better than Vanguard so far, but I’m probably bias cause I’ve had nothing but good luck in the Hood, ironic probably. Tirpitz/Bismarck to me just feels like a better Vanguard, not saying Vanguard is bad, just Meh. I do like her more than Roma though.

  15. Zoup, Mr Noster went into great depth on the current state of team composition (MM) with regards to Tier 8 ships. Seems there are a wee bit more Tier 10’s out there these days, making life for those BB’s at Tier 8 a living hell.

    Care to weigh in on this issue?

  16. Thomas Braunreuther

    I like this ship. Crediting Notser, she has a play style of a cruiser, and that’s threatening on it’s own because she’s quick to close off her broadside, and has decent fire rates. She’s not one to win at point blank range, and her agility at distance is her advantage. Some BB players just won’t like that she has this style of play necessary to be successful. I’d think of her more like a kronshadt. BB guns in a cruiser shell, except labeled a bb not a ca. She is unique and I think AP shells at distance won’t work well considering they’re 15 inch, like you said, matched against larger calibers. But then again, when were British BBs not throwing HE shells in WoWs?

  17. At her tier and below she’s a threat to every ship, against higher tiers she’s a giant floating citadel for the other team to farm damage from. She’s a very expensive and easy pass for me. Thank you for the video.

  18. Most fun BB of tier 8 for me, and I have them all, except the Massachusetts and NC.

  19. I agree she seems meh. A cruiser in a BB’s hull when she should be more like a BB. Terrible gun traverse and firing angles. This is the BB for people who primarily play cruisers. I think when people start getting into matches against T10s they will see how bad this ship is. Hard pass on this one. Maybe if she goes on sale but your money is better spent on something else.

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