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Review the Vanguard, love the maneuverability and general gameplay for the ship. A Battleship that controls a lot like a Cruiser is something I’ve wanted for a while now. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII British Battleship Vanguard Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Could you please do a Jean Bart review?

  2. wait. what happen with the quality of this video???!! only 360p

    • You are not the brightest bulb on the porch, are you 😉

    • Just go to settings and choose the resolution you want

    • When a video is first loaded to YouTube it can first appear in a lower resolution than it was uploaded in (something to do with ‘post processing’ or similar). After a period it appears in full resolution. It appears fine for me – I only run at 720P for YouTube though.

  3. They should shift all the RN battleships toward this playstyle. Nerf the HE and buff the Sigma and rudder shift so that people load AP for accurate shots and maneuver against incoming fire.

    • ​+Eagle262 the armor change wont make them immortal is ou land 5 bb shell on a dd you’ll do 5 overpen wich are 10% off the bb shell max damage, a t10 will easly do around 7k damage wich is a big chung of hp for any dd, the point here is to prevent high caliber AP shell to almost kill a dd with 1 or 2 hit wich is completly game breaking

    • +Kaga actually not the change would be easy juste a few number in the stat, the main problem is that WG is deliberately ignoring it

    • They should make this the playstyle of an RN battlecruiser line.

    • I totally agree. That being said, I recently felt sick and decided I will grind for the Conqueror’s legendary upgrade, because I hate potato snipping back line full hp Conquerors. So I said, what the hell, let’s get that sexy rudder… so, I have been playing conqueror quite a lot recently, and to the surprise of many, my default ammo on the Conqueror is AP.

      Conqueror’s AP is perfectly capable of citadelling and 1/2 shotting cruisers, also it cna perfectly deal 15+ k AP salvos on enemy BBs (of course talking about the OP 12 gun version as the 457 guns are useless), so, there is really no need to jsut spam HE… Of course lazy and bad players will just spam HE, but when I decide to jsut spam HE I really do not enjoy that much the game, and it is not better. You can, and should, AP as your main ammo on the Conqueror, but potatoes are gonna potato and default to the easy braindead HE spamm…

    • +Eduardo Elipe the fun thing is that at the release of the ships the 457 with AP were really good but suddently after a patch this year wg screwed them up

  4. isn’t this just super heavy armored battlecruiser??

  5. You know you’re early when the quality is 360p lmao

  6. Woah ! The content quality was outstanding!
    Not bothered about the frilly p rating!!

  7. So the British battleship gets artificial buffs, meanwhile Nagato and Mutsu are not allowed their historical rate of fire… 🙁

    • +DaManBearPig to be fair, it’s fire control systems didn’t stand up too well so could be the accuracy model is assuming the fire control radar is bust like in real life…

    • +Ser Garlan Tyrell thats silly though, thats like giving us the HMS Hood thats been blown in half because it suffered a magazine detonation. The Bismarck had excellent fire control and accuracy, but only its rate of fire is conveyed in game.

    • +DaManBearPig I’m just suggesting some BS reasoning that makes it seem semi-historical, but the real reason is always “balance”.

      Germans don’t need accuracy because they’re built for short range brawling.

    • +Ser Garlan Tyrell true, I know what you’re saying. Its just cringy as a history buff to see the KM have such horrible dispersion in game.

    • +Ser Garlan Tyrell but they are currently seriously underpowered and suffer the most in up tier’d games for tier 8’s, except maybe Roma.

  8. Pretty sure these will be the traits of the upcoming Italian BBs, since the Roma playstyle is already very similar… or, at least, I really hope so!

  9. effective secondaries. bismarck. these two things are not synonymous.

  10. To expensive. Not interested 🙁

  11. nice review,like you say,the t10 MM ruins it,for me anyway,wont be buying

  12. Thank you for the review, gives some hope they will introduce a battle cruiser class. This just may be my Christmas gift to me in December. Peace bro.

  13. Yes, there is a T3 BB that has better rudder shift. Call St. Louis. She is the best T3 BB cuz her armor is thin enough to be over pen by BB, thick enough to not take citadel from other CLs.

  14. Eh so can we get that same shell performance for hood or something similar to it?

  15. My Wallet is not prepared 🙁

  16. “You just need to be active in switching your ammo” Notser

    Uses Ap shells most of the video

  17. Imagine having to use your W key, rudder and switch ammo types to be effective in game.
    **this post is made by the Conqueror Gang**

  18. i brought her and how i’m just IN LOVE WITH HER!

  19. This is what the Hood SHOULD have been… I honestly believe they should allow a trade up option if you have one.

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