Venezia 35 Citadels || World of Warships

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  1. What a lucky guy.

  2. Aragmar Verilian

    Dat’s a paddlin’

  3. Muhammad Chairul

    Im kinda laugh on that chat xD

  4. So this is the current Meta? Venezia and almost entirely russian? Yeah, what bias?

    • Yeah that stupid Italian bias kek

    • mahmoud Phoenix

      its not that strong actually 🙂 . it has almost no AA because of thier range . Reload speed of battle cruiser but range of CA . very huge citidal

    • @mahmoud Phoenix Why need AA when you can turn like a DD?

    • Bendeguz Márton

      Current meta in Hurricane League on EU server is Hakuryu, 2x Stalingrad, 4x Venezia. Some clans prefer 6 Venezias as they have almost no counter if played correctly. Most boring and worst season hands down even though we reached Hurricane League and got all the rewards

    • Meta is 2 Balansgrad, 4 Benezia and 1 Hakurwa on the top

  5. how can bot join clan war? player has Stalingrad who camps, moves and shows full broadside. how can they have Stalingrad with that skill ??? they seem dont care about mini map and broadside

  6. The best way to deal with a Stalingrad

  7. embarassing enemy

  8. Burakla Oynayalım ™

    7:50, 7:58 OMG

  9. Lol 35 citadel

  10. 7:48 poor Stalin

  11. lol,they feel is sb…

  12. Not hard when people broadside for you

  13. HaCkErRr!!!11 lol salty team.

    Well played on flanking position and AP use.

  14. what a awesome game 🙂

  15. Daniel Rodrigues silva

    Bro, could you make a video talking how to hit the citadel armor?
    I can see for a while thar you are really pro at it

    • Just hit when they are broadsided and in the middle of the ship on the waterline or maybe a little under, do that and u have citadel for weeks

  16. Daniel Rodrigues silva

    I wich i could hit the citadel 6 times in a battle

  17. shitty balanced game with no DDs

  18. Thank you for featuring my replay!

  19. Carvalho & Correia Luan

    Quase impossível essas finalização no Venezia principalmente.
    Estávamos lá na partida…
    Hack sem menor das dúvidas.

  20. Lol the chat *HacK* GIT GUD, i do love italians ship at first was like no HE meh, bought the first one *almost no damage deal* ok tier 3, tier 4 almost no damage, i said fk this ship is super bad and dont do damage sold it, tier 5 got monte and smoke ok im starting to do damage, tier 6 trento WOOO doing damage (cause SAP have more penetration) and dont know how sap did citadel damage to a BB (must be rng), tier 7 Zara 200k damage and sneaky torp run on smoke 2km detectability, ive never been so wrong about this ships ever, and damn those italians command voices are badass, but is hard to ranked battles you need a good team, cause u aint the main firepower

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