Venezia – SAP Power – World of Warships

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  1. Amazing videos keep them up!

  2. Nice vid love your Videos❤️

  3. Chef, ich wollte Mal fragen, wie lange es dauert (circa), eine Nation in zum Beispiel Kreuzer auf Stufe 10 zu kriegen?

    • Tja das hängt davon ab wie oft du spielst, ob du viele booster Flaggen (dreiecksflaggen) mit nimmst, ob premium, ob du tagelang nur diese Linie grindest…. und zu guter letzt wie gut du spielst.
      Ich würde mal aus dem Bauch raus sagen. 4 Monate. Wenn du auch andere Schiffe spielst. Mit prem Acc, manchmal flaggen. Den Neuner muss man aber schon etwas grinden sonst wird das nie was.

      Habe aber z.b. US Carrier sehr sporadisch hin und wieder aus gefahren, zur Abwechslung. Mit dem bin ich jetzt durch. Hat 4 Jahre gedauert

    • @Jakob Watson Ach du scheiße 😀
      Ja danke dir Meister

  4. I only heard the word Pico from the captain

  5. Another video that does not show Captain Build nor Modules used 🙁

  6. Dreamteam Gaming [D-T-G]

    Awesome video 🙂 Well played …. I am playing with the ZARA 😀

  7. Could have fired those guns a lot more. Waited 30-40 seconds for a shot beyond load time often (even in smoke). I prefer not having the anxiety of saying “fire your guns dude.. fire!” 🙂

  8. 18:58 Парень в чате. Как я тебя понимаю друг ))

  9. what’s the name of the music from the last part of the video?

  10. Abdelrhman Eleimy

    Any tips for the Italian cruisers?

    • Empoleonman522the2

      double rudder on the t9 or 10. Its comical and saves your stern more than concealment ever has a hope to.

    • I move around and shoot them at medium sometimes long range. always use your rudder. Always. go left, right, make complete turns. makes good games in my eyes. the Ships are fast and guns are accurate. The rounds have a good travel speed. SAP on Light Cruisers(CL) and Destroyers(DD), sometimes on Heavy Cruisers(CA) prefer to shoot ap on Battelships. Yes y can also use SAP on them..but wouldn’t count on it.

      Good Luck and fair Seas Landlubber

    • Empoleonman522the2

      @Dionisos161 Edit-speaking mostly of Venezia but Zara and up are capable of similar….poor Trento. If the bb is fresh you can strip 12+ k with sap before damage saturation nueters damage output but you should already be running/hiding anyhow by then :3
      Lower tier bbs sit around 8-10k before saturation but still.

  11. FAP power

  12. Emanuele Pio Doddi

    Vivaaaaa l italia

  13. เหงา อยู่คนเดียว

    18:57 Ohhhhhh…. Shit…..

  14. Виталий Соколов

    какой дружелюбный чат в игре)

  15. This ships must me nerf. Todo much damage. Dificult to Citadel

  16. Man…. loads of times the player could have loaded AP for the broadsides to do way more damage is unreal…

    Sansonettis EL is a wicked tool that should be used on these Italians…. it’s served me well loads of times

  17. It’s games like this that confuse me due to everyone hating on sap

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