Vermont Big In Every Way

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I still struggle to take my time when aiming but dev striking that cruiser changes things.

  2. Great video as always. Superb info on strats, and technical info. Kudos for mentioning the name that shall not be spoken (Flamu), in wargaming eyes.

  3. BRIK SMASH! 40 second discipline demands patience and better considered target selection and time to chew your bites of sandwich in between.

  4. It’s the one ship than can hit the enemy’s carrier at the beginning of the game lol.

  5. Big Bertha is absolutley one of my fav BBs. Cant decide between her, Ohio or Repub.

  6. I did 80k dmg to another Vermont in a Vermont it felt so good.

  7. I don’t know if it’s just me not adapting to all these aim bugs(I usually wait for the best shot.) After finally getting my Vermont a couple days ago though I’m a little disappointed by what she offers after how mediocre the ships leading up to her were. Maybe I’m not used to a ship being just good, I feel like I need a little more than that especially for the grind.

  8. I love this ship since it’s recent change. I’ve had more hilarious moments in this thing recently. I love to play it sneaky and just wait for that perfect moment to blap someone.

  9. I played vermont for 10 games since i completed it and will keep it at that number. Sure the overmatch is great but otherwise Montana just beats it in every possible way and if i want overmatch i can play yama as well which is just more fun for me. i also just don’t enjoy sniping that much

  10. Vermont went from PQ’s “best battleship” in a prior video to “Vermont is a brick” & calling for nerfs today. Big sad for the big ship

  11. Vermont is still my fave BB, the big dumb cow that it is. It’s just so satisfying to hit things with it.

  12. Always shoot CVs above waterline, especially when in arcing shells like those of Vermont, the thickness of the CV ensures you will arm all the shells without OP at higher tiers and shooting significantly above the waterline ensure the shells that would have dropped in the water will now actually land on the ship, and highly citadels as they will be closer to the waterline.

  13. My favourite battleship. I don’t really mind the reload as waiting for broadsides is almost mandatory so you’re going to spend a lot of time not shooting.

  14. I really appreciate your grind with all of these good quality content you deliver! Keep it up PQ

  15. I seriously was about to just abandond all US ships because of how that line handles, but your tips really helped and I am enjoying it again, not at the vermont yet I got the Minnesota? it’s one before Vermont. This might help with me enoy the Anhalt maybe I hated that ship because 15 guns and only one shell ever hit even on enemies at 10km >> god awful aiming

  16. I guess the aiming delay makes sense when you think about the time the gun barrels would be taking to raise or lower to adjust to the change in aiming point.

    • except when this isnt reflected in game in any sort of way UI wise that’s just plain annoying

    • No, the cannon movement is superfast, arcady the aiming delay is cause the server aiming reticle is slower than the client side aka what you see. In world of tanks you can enable to habe both reticles visible and the delay is massive. And thats wot were twitch firing is happening alot.

  17. Minnesota is a whole different ship with the acceleration buff, had some pretty good games in it

  18. When talking about taking your time…keep in mind with Vermont you can get a maximum of 30 salvos fired in a full 20 minute game (assuming no AR or whatever).

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