Vermont – World of Warships

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I am not gonna lie, this is probably one of my least fav ships in the game. It is slow, it reloads slow, it is huge meat pinata and those guns most often do not work for me. I either miss because of slow shell velocity or the overpen.

This is one of the games in which I actually managed to get something done.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Yesss, finally Vermont 🙂

  2. don’t you love how subs can take 80-100% of your health and there’s no way you can even spot them?

    • @Volkier Neigh That’s my position too. Subs need tweaking, but unlike CV’s that literally have zero counterplay you actually have the chance to clap back.

    • Subs at higher tiers are actually fairly well balanced, damage wise. They die super quickly when spotted. They are however, FAR too stealthy on periscope depth, and hydro needs to detect them further away below that. They are too stealthy to be fun to fight against. Also we are lucky that most sub players are complete mongs that dont know what they are doing. Unfortunately thats how WG was forced to balance them.

      Just look at subs not normally spotting each other anymore under water, because people just pressed W, spotted each other and died to ASW planes.

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 I do agree with you. That is all they need to be more balanced is some reduction to stealth or maybe a spotting penalty when firing torps.

    • subs need a tweak but i mean he is a giant battleship alone against a sub so what do you expect lol and they even give out periodic markings of where they are with sonar he just didn’t use his planes

    • @Baron Bubbles Honestly, considering how close a sub has to get and how much danger it’s putting itself in to fire off a salvo, most subs die before the manage to bring down a single ship. And this is in a 1v1 scenario. The moment you have two or three players paying any remote amount of attention on where the sub pings from, the sub is definitely taking a bombardment of depth charges.

      Even in this game, Flambass could have dropped depth charges 2x over before his final drop that sunk it, due to how fast the cooldown on them is. No, I’m not saying I can do better than him – he’s an insanely good player – but he’s shown the exact psychological damage subs do even to one of the top players in the game – where he gets discouraged about even bothering, despite logically he took down most subs before they could get close if you look at the previous several games, and consistently landed hits on them.

      So yeah, honestly, I think subs are more than fine where they are. Yeah, people are going to get that one in six games where the sub deletes them, yet in the other 5 games, the sub would be one of the first ships to go down as they are currently the most vulnerable when they put themselves into an attacking position.

  3. Stopped playing, but still enjoying the heck out of your clips @Flambass. I even remember once getting nuked by your torps 🙂 Luckly, didn’t have to bare the shame on yt. Cheers bro! Keep up making me smile you mothertrucker

  4. I stopped playing the game years ago before subs came in, and I’m glad I did. Was that sub really lobbing torpedoes at the same rate a BB fires its guns?

    • It differs but some have do have a 30 second reload yes. Most are a bit slower but have more torps, or faster, or more range.

    • @AllAhabNoMoby Reading that makes me glad I stopped playing. I watch replays like this one every few days and I wonder now if anyone really enjoys playing the game anymore.

    • I wouldn’t even say that the worst thing about subs is the immediate damage that they can or that you have hardly any counterplay, but that as soon as a sub is on your flank it binds the entire friendly fleet and stops all dynamic gameplay that still could develop – the most damage they do is to the gameplay dynamics not to player’s ships IMHO…

    • @fritz furz Oh I agree, I was just in a game where my flank killed their flank except the sub but we could not push in because that sub driver was good. It took until his air ran out + spotting from our CV before we managed to kill him.
      Just watched Flambass’ latest game, in Vermont, he gets nearly dev struck by a sub, no counterplay. It’s disgusting.

  5. Check out the new Venezia leg mod, it’s so good!

  6. Good game great finish
    weather here is low 30s 30mph north wind and heavy rain flash flood warning for around 6hrs now heres hoping it stops soon

  7. Nerf idea for subs, give ships the ability to destroy torpedos coming towards us with our main guns

  8. Same as me. Stopped playing almost a year ago now.

  9. Love your videos Flambino. But Vermont is very hard to watch for me. Slow action + 40sec between shots.

  10. Shotgunning does not exist because wg says so (fun fact: mere seconds after they said the line, they got shorgunned).

  11. Eebujeebu Eebujeebu

    When this thing hits it hits like a truck. Otherwise I do agree that it eats way too much damage, is too slow, shells are too slow to be used well and is overall not a very good ship.

  12. It’s funny how you consider this one of your least favorite ships in the game, while Flamu considers this one of his _favorite_ ships in the game. It’s interesting how two extremely good players have such disparate views.

    • Well, they have fundamentally different styles of playing. Ships like Vermont and Montana are really well-suited to Flamu’s playstyle.

    • @Alexander Lee yep. I love those too. And Flambass hates them both.

    • U can hate the Vermont for being shit but having great guns and u can love the Vermont for being shit but having amazing guns.
      Edit: I love her.

    • Flambass prefers ships with fast shell velocity even if the damage per salvo is low. Flamu prefers ships with high damage per salvo even if the shells take a year to arrive.

  13. I like this ship. It is undeniably strong. But, it only gives you the opportunity to fire a few salvos per game.
    If you take away the first 2 minutes of the game when no one gets to shoot, and you assume you are lucky enough to have the 1/10 games that lasts 20 minutes, then you shoot for 18 minutes at max in that 1 20 minute game. With a +30s reload you get a maximum of 30 salvos. Since your ship is incredibly slow, it is likely that you will not always be in a position to fire upon cooldown, or at least in a position to take a good shat. Since the vast majority of games are much shorter than 20mins you will most definitely have much fewer than 30 salvos.
    However, when it hits, it hits hard. So idk. I guess if you aim well and make your shots count, then good.

  14. That reminds me of my last game i had. After nearly two years not playing i thought it might be a good idea to play a game in the Vermont. I was never so wrong. After 50 sec in game the USS Eagle shit on me, i lost 20k and had two fires cooking sausages on my deck. It took the CV three more attacks to kill me. I instantly deinstalled the game again….
    BTW i used to play since alpha version. So sad.

  15. The enemy team only managed to kill three ships (two near the very end) while losing all but four, yet the match lasted more than seven minutes. WG’s solution to blowouts is working perfectly.

  16. Love this ship. These guns just slap hard. But Vermont suffers in blowout matches alot.

  17. I think the US BB lines have great guns, but my one complaint is just how floaty they are.

  18. They can make everyone happy if they just put subs in their own mode/game

  19. commit self deletus

    I was thinking about getting back into wows but then I saw the submarines and pretty much immediately changed my mind. Thanks for saving me the pain lmao

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