VIDEO GAME SECRETS: What Happens Behind The Scenes with World Of Warships?

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World Of Warships is AMAZING! A free-to-play experience that lets you be in charge of loads of boats, you get to sale around in the and try and win a war. This isn’t any war, though. It’s the ‘WORLD OF’ war, cos there’s also the likes of World Of Tanks and World Of Warplanes.

To make this even more exciting, me and got invited down to get some EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes access. I still can’t believe it! We had a great day, though, and we wanted to share that with you. And YouTube!

Don’t forget either, all of this comes from the people at WarGaming. And they LOVE war! They put all their time into making it feel great, so here’s what you gotta do. Turn off Minecraft for a second, head over to your PC and download World Of Warships for free!

What have you got to lose? Even if you hate it, it was free. And you’ll still have money to go buy some sweets. But you wont hate it. Because World Of Warships is AMAZING.

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  1. Absolutely lost it at the Kitchener bit

  2. Princess Jennifer

    I absolutely LOOOOOOVE this series! Keep it up XD

  3. Jimmy Jim Jim…..had a hard life….

  4. Hillarious video! If i could make a suggestion, a video stabilizer program
    for the shaky bits would be nice next time around.

  5. Nice Video BTW

  6. I find myself grinning entirely through these videos

  7. I feel so sorry for Jimminy Jim Jim. is it bad we see the most happy person
    on the world and we feel the most negative emotions?

  8. How bout’ them Cubbies?

  9. If this series doesn’t end with Jimminy killing Millbob in a fit of rage
    I’ll be extremely disappointed.

  10. Millbob oddly enthusiastic about kids in war lol :/ haha

  11. Simon, you need to stop this. I swear that every time you do a Millbob
    video you end up with a little more grey in your beard. The videos are
    great but they’re not worth sacrificing your life force!

  12. I can’t believe you spoke to real people in character lol poor Jim

  13. Hysterical. I absolutely loved this episode.

    Keep me laughing my ass off, guys. I need this shit.

  14. Oh man, this was probably the best one yet. Keep up the good work!

  15. “What the fuck is he doing” spat water over my computer :(

  16. So I need a boat to get rid of the bad men?

  17. holy shit that was brilliant. best one yet. laughed my arse off. more of
    these interview/dev visits from Millbob and Jim Jim please.

  18. Millbob and Miller need to do a video together

  19. Just because burns isnt in the video doesnt make him any less of cunt.

  20. thats so strange to see videogamer in Chatham highstreet. i live 5 miles
    alway. Chathams abit of a dive lol.

  21. the skipping is hilarious

  22. Do you still do 7 reasons, would be great with MillBob?

  23. So, Millbob, how did you find my native area of Medway?

  24. Millbob? I thought it was millboy

  25. yeh!

  26. pretty decent game this, fantastic video also keep it up lads.

  27. Millbob keepin his voice down… gotta respect the respect.

  28. Rat-a-tat-tat Millbob’s got a gat!!

    fucking amazing!!!

  29. Was this at Chatham Dockyard?

  30. I love it YEAH!

  31. This is Chatham Dockside isn’t it?

    So guys, Chatham….. pretty shit right?

  32. when was you in chatham?

  33. These might be your best yet

  34. before kitchens we used to go to McDonald’s.


  35. It’s odd seeing Simon with facial hair.

  36. I can’t decide whether I should unsub until you guys stop this dumb content
    or not. For reals lol.

  37. This series is just spiralling out of control … and I love it!

  38. Digital Fruitcake

    Is alternate-dimension Rufus Hound famous for his Unicorn rights work?

  39. “Rattatat Millbobs got gat” killed me. Awesome series so far fellas.

  40. Who is this fucking clown? Bring back the real man, Miller.

  41. Fucking love this series.

  42. I loled so hard I got stomach ache. Or maybe because i had drunk too much
    beverage. Either way great episode :D

  43. 3 minutes that have made my day ☺

  44. Miller report Miller and Jimminyjimjim need to lay the smack down on
    Millbob… Hopefully next episode?

  45. Seeing MillBob makes me cummmmm

  46. The editing on this is amazing!

  47. Didn’t know that about Oliver Cromwell. Thanks for the fantastic history

  48. Jim jimminy jim jim jimmy jim jimminy jim jimmmy jimminy.

  49. Jump into the shot with a rhyme + talk way too fast + mention Minecraft at
    random times = how to be Millbob

  50. I’d love to know how many takes you do. No way is Miller doing this without
    constantly cracking up, lmao.

  51. ToadProductionINC

    Can this series be Jim’s slow descent into misery?

  52. Badger With A Troubled Past And Nothing To Lose

    Is Jim on suicide watch

  53. The inside of Miller’s head must be like Identity (2003). There’s all these
    characters in an office complex, each a stranger to one another. There’s
    Miller Report Miller, Millbob, Rock God Miller, Wrestling Miller, Nintendo
    Nerd Miller… etc. One by one they’re going to start killing each other
    off until there’s only one Miller psyche left; his final, forever

  54. Honest Games Reviews

    Miller you have balls the size of grapefruits for doing this in public.

  55. Miller has surpassed the legend and has become a YouTube god.

  56. Who was this based off again? I remember Miller mentioning on the podcast
    that they made the original video because another YouTuber pissed him off,
    so they decided to take the piss.

  57. A Millbob and Jiminy Jim Jim video that doesn’t end with a violent
    outburst? UNSUBSCRIBED!

  58. you both should replace those arseholes ant and dec, then I’d watch TV

  59. You guys have got this bang on.

  60. always puts a smile on my face

  61. Jim proceeds to climb on the artillery gun

  62. Legends.

  63. i lost it at 2:27 XD

  64. Whose idea was it to shake the camera at the same pace as Milbob speaks?
    It’s genius.

  65. I’m no student of English history, but I’m pretty sure Oliver Cromwell was
    a fighter pilot, Millbob.

  66. The man who made kitchens.

  67. Millbob I hate to tell you this but I think Jiminyjimjim doesn’t like
    having you around, he laavves having you around! haha

  68. “Ahh, lord Kitchener, the man that made kitchens!”

    God damn this channel is amazing.

  69. I’d just like to thank Lord Kithchener for making it possible for us all to
    have kitchens, and therefore hot meals, in our homes. Education is

  70. lawrence windrush

    He’s drank too much Fanta

  71. SealyBoo: A Slightly Below Average Gamer


  72. Every time Millbob says ‘love’ I smile inside

  73. Absolutely smashing. Jimmiminy Jim Jim LOOOOVES Big days out!

  74. Miller you’re going grey man!

  75. Rat-a-tat-tat-Millbob’s got a gat!

  76. I use to hate these stupid Jimminy videos, but now I F*ing love them and
    want more.

  77. So is Jimminy Jim Jim the personification of the socially aware part of
    Millbob’s personality that he’s locked away at the back of his mind in
    order to achieve Yoochoob fame? He never interacts with anyone except
    Millbob, he just solemnly watches on in disgust at what he has become.

  78. Alexander Leister

    What are You doin? The ffffuck are You doin?

  79. Whenever i watch these, i laugh my shit off then at the end get instantly
    depressed that people actually act like this.

  80. “Rat-atat-tat, Millbob’s got a gat!”

  81. Lay off the Caffeine Millbob.

  82. No violence from Jimminy Jim Jim this episode…maybe Millbob is finally
    starting to wear down his defences. Then again, maybe not.

  83. You prats are class

  84. this was the best fucking one… loooooooooooool

  85. The twist is all these videos are being shown as evidence of psychological
    breakdown at Jimminy Jim Jim’s trial for the murder of Millbob.

  86. I’d love to see a Millbob-Miller Report crossover

  87. I can see Jim just one day walking off a bridge and it will be all Milbobs

  88. multipurposepaperbox

    fuckingg whattt 1:36
    p hilarious though

  89. How fun must it be to work at VideoGamer? It seems like a great job


  91. Mark AndersonAudio

    If this is better than minecraft then you better update your top 10.


  93. quality

  94. Jimbob32165 the fiddle

    What is Milbob’s tragic backstory?

  95. For an interview or a press day, Miller should just randomly switch between
    characters, see how long until the police are called.

  96. ey Miller did you purposefully grow that beard out?

  97. “Rat-atat-tat, Millbob’s got a gat!”

  98. Miller i just gotta say sweet beard mate the grey hairs really bring it

  99. i’m watching this video in a mcdonalds, get on my level millbob

  100. you guys deserve more subscribers

  101. Where was this? Was it Chatham Dockyards, years since I been there. I
    tripped over some rope.

  102. Dave’s face at the end

  103. how do you decide which persona to take to an event?

  104. Miller sounds like he is starting to lose his voice doing this.

  105. I wish I had a 3ds to play war of warships on.

  106. what is he doing? the fuck is he doing

  107. Brendan Mc Guigan

    “You do that scarily well!”

  108. Weren’t the Cavaliers the Kings men opposed to Cromwell and the Roundheads?

  109. Gav Fisher (Hootles)

    We all had to go to Macdonalds?! hahahaha

  110. fantastic editing on this lads! (I assuming its Jim?)

  111. Soon, Miller will have so many identities, we won’t be able to tell who the
    real one is.

  112. HAHA How it just says “WAR!!” *over too much excitment

  113. The Sarcastic Sasquatch

    That’s some great camera work right there.

  114. This series has gone from cringy to hilarious, nailing the cringy by how
    accurate a representation Simon does of a typical youtuber, right down to
    the camera shake at the beginning. It’s also super awkward watching
    ‘Millbob’ interact with other people.

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