Viewer spotlight! // Admiral Hipper / “Mr Mouth & Mr Brain”

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It turns out to be important to remember that this ship has not one, but two torpedo launchers per side, though in all other regards this wasn’t half bad for a very first battle!


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out more at

Want to see me playing live?

Mods (all from Aslain’s WoWS installer): Extended minimap, damage counter + clock


  1. Which cruiser line is better to go down the US or ze German?

  2. U have a fighter use it!!!!

  3. Ace, the weeb. Watching Bleach.

    Oh wait. Full hypocrite has just been achieved

  4. Funny that he forgot that he had 2 torpedo launchers per side because every
    German cruiser from tier V and higher has 2 per side with a ranch of 6km ;)

  5. +1 for the Hellsing Ultimate and (and TFS’s abridged version)
    recommendation in the match’s chat.

  6. Admiral Hipper? More like Admiral Hipster… Am I right guys?? Guys? No?

    I’ll see myself out then….

  7. Are German cruisers even worth to grind compared to US and Japanese?

  8. Schwarze Kapelle

    I haven’t played WoWs since the beta really, are the graphics always this
    bad or is it just the replay?


    Is there a replay bug on the torpedo spread? He seemed to fire a wide
    dispersion on the New Mexico but it appeared to hit as a narrow spread.

  10. I came here when the video had 81 views thinking it’s an old one and was
    like “this gent can’t have so little views”

  11. I have had the Yorck for a few weeks now, and i have loved every single
    ship on this line. Just a warning the Nürnberg is made of citadels so you
    need a very different playstyle, than you would in other cruiser.

  12. Thanks for the spotlight. huge fan of your channel. I have to say i still
    love my hipper but lately her AP seems to be wonky and i have yet to top
    188k dmg. Maybe when i get the Roon mu forst game will be that good XD

  13. I don’t find the Karlsruhe very awful actually mind you I don’t find it
    amazing either but it’s not something I’d loathe playing. On the other hand
    I’ve not actually played the tier V cruiser yet so maybe once I do I’ll
    have different thoughts.

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