Viewer spotlight! // Aoba / “Spectrum is Green”

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  1. Heartbreaker!

  2. Review the Pizza and Pasta botes, so you can make more sarcastic reviews about how invincible they are.

    Also, poor Aoba. There’s almost no reason to take it out of dock except when you need T6 ships for scenarios.

  3. WIPS are always useful, even if they may feel like short-lived content. Even if the ships are changed after the video, they give a starting ground. And if you feel there’s a Graf Zep bait-and-switch risk, you can always pin a disclaimer comment if it happens.

  4. Oh nooooo 😮

  5. That was as close a game as I ever can imagine, a fraction of an impact between win and loss. Doesn’t WoT have a game time increase on kill (here applicable to the Kutuzov)?

    Also, the initial waffling about the merits and risks of being bottom tier is some of the finest waffling I’ve ever heard. Good stuff.

    Also (2), what a deluge of uploads we’re seeing. Good stuff (2).

  6. I’ve seen a review of the Odin T 10 by Flamu , Please have a look Jedi it allegedly expells at nothing,, seen a German Battleship that has all the faults and not one of the advantages of the others save the armour . Anyway whatever you choose will be enjoyable as always ???

  7. That ending made me sad ?

  8. Gosh it brings back memories. I remember in the early days of playing the game (back when it was only USN and IJN) the Aoba was an absolute joy to play. Won so many close games with her back then, though now its gotten alot tougher with the wider variety of arguably better T6 cruisers in the game now.

  9. Yes to both questions. But personally, leave the DDs out of it. They are all the same.

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