Viewer spotlight! // Émile Bertin / “Bert le Vengeur”

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That’ll totally catch on, you wait and see.

Aaany day now…


World is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:

Want to see me playing live?


  1. I fired AP at a Wyoming at fairly long range in the tier IV French cruiser and did surprising well for a few volleys. 2700 damage or so if memory serves so I am guessing the 152/155mm has enough down angle at range to pierce deck armor.

  2. >~> Jedi my friend you have much to learn about NA servers on WoWs and WoT… teamwork and Map awareness are hacks only available to unicums… teammates are just as deadly if not more deadly than the enemy team happens to be because they will ram you into torpedos just to avoid them, torp you from behind, or push you off out of cover because they want to Kemp bush in top tier heavy and you’re in the way. it’s very painful to play here not to mention the community makes the Russian servers look like civilized individuals that’s how toxic most of the community happens to be

  3. For those reading the comments by “WARBEASTY”…. Warships Today Stats: 1849 battles – 35% WR – 26K avg damage. {{{{sigh}}}}

  4. those torpedo beats, and the game as a whole, were epic. great game.

  5. Outstanding game, Blaze!

  6. He had this result due to the utter dumbness of the enemy team.

  7. Absolutely amazing match, well worth the watch. I hope to see more of this from Blaze. Congrats on the extremely entertaining game and impressive result.

  8. Hey there Jedi, first off thanks for the feature! I’m happy to being seeing this replay without my mechanical keyboard clicking and background music.

    Also just to shed some light on some of the topics you mentioned:

    This was only my third match in this ship, and I hadn’t tested it on the PTS. So I was still testing what shell type would be best in certain situations. So i attempted to fire AP at that Kaiser. The shells feel kinda of heavy so I was hoping for a bit more damage. HE would have been better though lol

    And second, I have played this line up from tier 1, but when I reached this ship, I transferred a pre-prepped cruiser captain from my Dunkerque. He only had 8 points, but I figured now was as good a time as any to add him on. I tend to just recruit and dismiss commanders tiers 4 and below as I move past them. Anyways, he is an 8 point captain with the skills, Priority Target, Adrenaline Rush, and Demo expert.

    Thanks again! Keep up the great work and content. Also thanks for the extra work in figuring out that 59.9% of the enemy health pool, I was kind of curious about that myself at the time. 🙂

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