Viewer spotlight! // Fubuki / “That’s Amore”

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If you are a battleship captain, viewer discretion is advised for this game… and if you’re a captain, well, you probably shouldn’t watch this in public where people can see you. You have been warned!


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out more at

Want to see me playing live?


  1. Slowest torps are not Russian dd. There carrier torps 30 something knots

  2. Enough with this boat game

  3. Thanks for using my replay Jedi. :-)

  4. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    That torpedo volley, changed the entire nature of the game by itself.

  5. do you have a link for the mods you use?

  6. could you please let me know where you got those mods for the game please

  7. Mr Jeddi,Have you started the Jap heavy line yet? I am on the TIER 6 and it
    looks like your kind of tank.

  8. “8 out of 9”
    <-envy last time I saw such salvo was on my t3 Derpsky...

  9. Waiting to play the game till they patch the BB guns again. The update f*ed
    over BB’s by increasing all ship armour.

  10. That map mod is rather bit OP in this game imo. When you take into
    consideration that even fastest destroyers get to speeds up to roughly
    70km/h and slowest around 40+km/h and then taking into account the size of
    the maps in this game. In Wot it is not so big of a deal when light tanks
    and fast mediums can get to other side of map in a minute and even slowest
    heavies can switch positions fairly rapidly due to mapsize. In WoWS however
    if any of the slower ships is spotted on B3 they have not gotten far in a
    minute and even fastest of destroyers will be on same map quadrant not to
    mention showing excatly what ships were spotted in a first place. That
    gives tremendous tactical advantage to those players with the mod. Once
    again imo they should either implement it on the game themselves or ban it.

  11. dat splerg of torpedos 0^0

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