Viewer spotlight // Georgia / “I demand a recount!”

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Topical references? Who, me?


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. It appears a simple joke has attracted the eyes of YouTube’s anti-disinformation system.

  2. I vote for more tea and biscuits

  3. With the announcement of this being removed in a few months, definitely my next coal ship!

  4. Would love to send in replays, but I don’t play WoWS 😄 was a WoT player, but not for months now, the toxic player base just made me unhappy, I was playing more as a compulsion than because I wanted to. Now spend the time I would on tanks on riding my bike. Much better for the mind and body

  5. I’m more and more convinced that Sam is the reincarnation of Caption-Guy.

  6. I am sure Abdullah had no say in his name, but I think it is not a nice name to be called slave of allah

  7. Really enjoy your content and this is making me sad that Georgia is getting removed😕. Recently found your channel and keep up the great content though!

  8. Gameplay 10/10, commentary 7/10, needs more Sam. Praise be our Feline Overlords!

  9. Awww, kitteh. <3

  10. The New York Times (a former newspaper) States Nothing to see here move along.

  11. I do think trump has been allowed a few too many do-overs in his golf career, hence the title here being so apt. A former co-worker who lives in Savannah said all the trump voters were hurrying to remove their lawn signs for him right after the election was called for Joe Biden. How amusing. Darth Replays?

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