Viewer spotlight // HMS Drake / “The Bowling Green Massacre”

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I get all my facts from Kellyanne Conway, yup yup.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:



    Good stuf

  2. Cheers Jedi. Do you mean the Expert Victim skill? The Advanced Firing Squad Recipient? Well played, Brett50, Thanks Jedi.

  3. I made many a derp but as you alluded to, it was the first battle in her and I took that torp at the end because I still wasn’t used to how much of a barge she was to turn. things I’ve learned since this battle are: the armour is trash, you will eat full damage from any BB that looks in your direction, don’t even try to use AP unless the target is giving you broadside at less than 8km and finally… don’t grind the RN CA line, it’s really not worth it!

    Thanks for allowing my derpitude to grace your channel once more though Jedi!

  4. I am a fan off your content so yay! Just a quick question, what is the squid/octopus on the left of the screen? is it a mod interface?

    • It’s a mod that allows you to see your captain’s skill in battle. It’s called “Crew Perks in Battle” in the official mod station, I think.

  5. For some reason I rarely see any British heavy cruiser in the battles. It does not look like many people play them.

  6. These British heavy cruisers seem to be completely outclassed by the Italian heavy cruisers. I think some buffs are seriously needed. Bow and stern armour for starters, AP pen as well.

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