Viewer spotlight // Kansas / “The John Major of battleships”

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This might be slightly too specific a British political reference for some, but you know, I stand by it.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I dont have the NC and rest of them. I do have OH, Groega, and Roma.I have enjoyed the line so far. I am 97k from Vermont. My best shot was a Yourk at 21k in the first 4 min. 3 cits later he goes boom.
    35 k salvo on a Tirpitz guess you really cannot cit them.

  2. I’m going to have a tee-shirt made for myself – “I ground all the way thru Kansas in co-op, and all I got was this shirt – and a permanent nervous tic”.
    Oddly enough, the Kansas does quite well in co-op, given that the bots always try to charge into point-blank range. A partial secondary build, where you maximize secondary range, along with the skill that reduces main gun reload against anything inside secondary range, plus AR, can make things much more tolerable. And the wonky dispersion on those guns becomes much less of an issue at 10 km and under.
    Above all, a 21 point captain, where you can take enough skills to mitigate the ship’s shortcomings, helps the most. Thankfully, when the great skill reset hit, I was able to make one USN captain 21 points, and placed him on the Kansas prior to the start of my grind to the Minnesota – so he earned back quite a chunk of elite xp during that 180K xp grind, such that I could then make one RN captain a 21 pointer as well – and complete the Part 1 Italian BB missions along the way – so it was not entirely a thankless process.

    • Hat’s off to ‘yer mate. I’ve got the boat, but rarely hate myself enough to actually play it even in Co-op. Happens, but ….

  3. That was certainly exciting Jedi.

  4. Edwina pass the peas

  5. Sorry for inflicting this on everyone. It was boring to play but I just kept pushing up in this game. The Minnesota is no bloody better. 🤣

    It’s post deadeye but I pushed up in an attempt not to just sit at the back.

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