Viewer spotlight! // Krasny Krym / “More like Krakeny Krym, amirite”

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…Look, if said it was an immensely clever Shakespeare reference, you’d believe me right?


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  1. There was one Japanese carrier sunk by surface fire, that being IJN Chiyoda. It was one of Admiral Ozawa’s 4 sacrificial carriers sunk in the Battle of Cape Engano, oddly the last carrier sunk. Chiyoda was a conversion design much like the old Tier 5 Zuiho. The ships who sunk her were notably USS New Orleans and USS Wichita along with escorting destroyers who were sent to finish off the remnants and drifting wrecks when Halsey raced south to save the invasion force in Leyte Gulf (too late of course). Chiyoda had been disabled by air attack earlier from the CV spam of Admiral Halsey’s carriers, and she couldn’t get a ship to tow her. When New Orleans and Wichita attacked, it was pretty much shooting fish in a barrel with the Japanese carrier’s crew appearing to fight back, but shells fall well short. Although Chiyoda is unique in that all 972 of her crew were lost, as grim of a token that is.

    In an off note: One of the fleeing ships of Admiral Ozawa’s force, the Akizuki-class destroyer Hatsuzuki, was with her sister Wakatsuki and the old light cruiser/destroyer leader Isuzu when they run into the same ships that sank Chiyoda hours before during the night. Hatsuzuki is the first fired on when Isuzu gets shot at next, but Hatsuzuki puts a boat in the water with a handful of crew and survivors from Zuikaku and the destroyer returns fire. This allows the escape of Isuzu and Wakatsuki at the cost of Hatsuzuki which is blasted to a burning wreck and sunk with all of the crew who remained aboard. Just an interesting last stand that is often overlooked in the overall Battle of Leyte Gulf.

  2. This is a ship I never owned, never plan to pay for, but am drawn to replays featuring it. Morbid curiosity?

  3. Well done Chubby! Thanks for sharing the replay

  4. HA! at the Krasny shooting up an Okhotnik. There’s a couple of truly weird Tier V ships.

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