Viewer spotlight! // Kutuzov / “He has not yet awoken”

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With the exact nature of the RN still undecided, I reckoned it was a good time to look at another cruiser with smoke, courtesy of this rather good game from .


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out at

Want to see me playing live?


  1. Surely everyone knows about the thorn? Check out the usual Christmas carols
    which are not sung correctly.

  2. Ramble on, MacJedi. Ramble on. It wouldn’t be a Jedi video without a bit of
    rambling, and it would be kinda weird to not have it :)

  3. Thorn is a remnant of the runic letters, Thuraz, which carried the -th
    sound and was associated with Thor’s Hammer

  4. Great replay, I’ve wanted a Kutuzov for ages. That play style is just ver
    appealing for me :)

  5. Perhaps a R’lyeh map.

    “In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

  6. Funny thing is Kutuzov can citadel a battleship with that AP. AT close too,
    so no plunging fire.

  7. “The sleeper must awaken” ?

  8. cthulu triumphant! kraken supreme! needs to be a thing :D

  9. I suspect he may have had a flag for extra income and xp. It looked like he
    had several flags flying there but it was still a great game for him.

  10. Awesome stuff Jedi . love you rambling 🙂 well played Ye Old Derps 🙂 one
    day I hope to play my M K half as well 🙂 thank you :)

  11. Cthulhu Unleashed? Oh yes please!

  12. Actually Jedi, we rarely say ‘That’s the Ball Game’ but ‘That’s all she
    wrote.’ Depends though what part of Texas you are in.

  13. 14:07 No one, on any server, has ever gotten 12 kills- a few have gotten 11

  14. Lol I sent in this replay so damn long ago I’d actually forgotten about it.
    One of the most simultaneously frustrating and epic games I’ve ever played.
    Thanks for putting it up.

    That Hatsu was the reason I didn’t sit in the smoke I laid there, I saw him
    on the map and was thinking “surely not, he can’t be that dense to think
    engaging a Kutuzov at close range in a Japanese DD is a good idea….oh
    apparently he is…”

    As for deciding to cap, it was the only chance I had to win. I was never
    going to be able to kill the CV and the Kiev before the match ended even if
    I got super-lucky and went the right direction to spot the Kiev at all. My
    only chance was to grab all 3 caps and hope the points caught up in time.
    As soon as A flipped on the map I knew it was over. Even if I had gone to A
    anticipating the Kiev would cap it, the CV only had to not die and still
    win on points. And having seen my CV launch a few flights I knew he didn’t
    have to planes to kill their CV which left capping and praying as the only

    BTW PHJ, if you liked that move on the two New Mexico’s, there’s a replay
    from that same email address featuring that move on Ocean…in a Tirpitz.
    Against BB’s. And I won that one ;)

  15. I wonder how much xp he would have earned if his team has won. Even now he
    had more xp then the Kiev on the winning team ;)

  16. Thanks for the video – very informative too. I have always pronounced “Ye”
    exactly as it is written. You learn something new every day!

    Later, Matt

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