Viewer spotlight! // Minotaur / “Intensify the forward batteries!”

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As a bonus, there’s even a thing ramming into another thing… but it happens not to be Pilks’ ship, so it doesn’t quite fit. What a spoilsport he is.


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sigh up through:

Want to see me playing live?


  1. Nice video as always mate! Keep em’ coming :)

  2. Can someone tell me what the ‘FIRST’ and ‘LAST’ numbers mean in the lower
    LHS of the screen. I assume it means time,but time with regards to what?

    Thank ****** they are sorting out the smoke in the next patch. That was
    almost rage-inducing when you didn’t get the second ‘puff’ and you get
    annihilated trying to reverse back into smoke.

  3. “This could be us, but you decided to ram the enemy” :(

  4. It’s pretty impressive that he did a lot of damage to BB’s, a lot of the
    time you see the Minotaurs go after cruisers even if a battleship is
    providing a easier to hit target. Though Minotaurs do really eat most lower
    tier cruisers alive rather easily.

  5. Edinburgh can choose from Smoke, Cat. Fighter, Cat. Spotter and Radar

  6. hey jedi I was wondering if you can do a guide on how to use the Minekaze?
    I wasn’t able to get the kamikaze as I’m a free to play guy.

  7. D. Hall (Whiteknight 717)

    Wait…which one is the british pronunciation? Because here in Ohio, we
    pronounce it min/o/taur rather than mine/o/taur…I am confoos…

  8. After having the discussion about the pronounciation of the Minotaur, lets
    take it to the next level, Jedi. Try with the German pronounciation of the
    Roon. It’s not even taht hard ;)

  9. glad you all enjoyed it

  10. 8:35 Bloody fish…

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