Viewer spotlight! // USS Flint / “Pounds, shillings & ounces”

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One of four modified -class cruisers, the Flint in is the ranked battle reward ship that was given out at the end of the most recent season; it is for the most part an Atlanta, but with one or two critical differences in its loadout.

Thanks to Necondus for sending this one in!


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  1. Simple rule of thumb 25mm = 1 inch, 100mm ~ 4 inches, 150mm ~ 6 inches,
    460mm ~ 4 100’s + 2 25’s = 18 inches
    Same with liters/litres ~ quart, 3 meters ~ 10 feet

  2. One thing is for sure: An Atlanta would’ve had a much harder time carrying
    this. That Kongou, tho..would have died regardless :D

  3. Actually it can run the unlimited defensive AA, he’s just running hydro
    instead. The Flint with its smoke is pretty scary, esp when you think
    anyone with one has hit Rank 1 three times.

  4. Niklas Gottschling

    I saw you play in the König yesterday
    will you show something of that too?

  5. USS,flint now we need USS steel a a platoon with them and it will be USS
    flint and steel

  6. critadel, i’d love to hit that one

  7. 8 kills. Very impressive. I don’t think I have even seen a replay with more
    than 6 or so.

  8. British Knight aka MiniNinja1

    He had incredible luck all through this match, as I was thinking “Why on
    earth does that last Yorck not fire torps into the smoke seeing that the
    endless fire is showing how static the Flint must be?”. Gift from the
    Kongo, of course, but also that final enemy closing into perfect range for
    the Flint, and then giving broadside on top. Of course, high-damage games
    are always dependant on having poor players on *both* teams. If only the
    enemy are poor, your whole team will share the kills, if only your team are
    poor players, you’ll be left alone against too many too soon.

  9. i guess the german bb he hinted at was the tier 6

  10. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Iirc Flint tops are the same as the long range Sims tops. which is to say
    slow and really low damage. but a fairly quick reload

  11. WTF…. a ship with smoke AND radar?
    Cuz that’s not OP at all…. 🙁

    Just yesterday Jingles showed an Atlanta video and talked about how OP that
    Atlanta would be if it had smoke… the irony

  12. Radar? That’s Hyrdo Jedi! :3

  13. 1 inch = 25.4mm.
    Someone has already helpfully made common calibre conversions for you.

  14. Some common gun calibre conversions, rounded up:
    4 inch= 102mm
    4.5 inch= 114mm
    4.7 inch= 120mm
    5 inch= 127mm
    6 inch= 152mm
    8 inch= 203mm
    12 inch= 305mm
    14 inch= 356mm
    15 inch= 380mm
    16 inch= 406mm


  15. Flint does not have radar.

  16. lol Love to see CaptionGuy in form again ;)

  17. well, i guess i should actually get to work now…

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