Viewer spotlight x2! // Bayern + Fuso / “In which things get sticky”

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is a warship battle game – you can sign up through:

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  1. First to ask: Jedi, where you been boy?
    Little to no streaming as of late? You OK?

  2. Thanks for featuring the replay dude, Yeah the early trade with the Nagato didn’t go well for me, but the Nagato has cheese for armour, so if the guns had behaved themselves, It could well have been me citadeling him. He got the lucky citadel though, so fair play to him.
    I never intended to take such a long route around the 9 line, but the Gaede had not been re-spotted at that point, so I had to take a wide berth around that Island to make sure he wasn’t lining up a torp ambush.
    Also regarding the Myogi, I wanted to turn in towards B a lot earlier and aggressively engage the Nagato and Warspite again, but even though the Myogi is only a T4 BB, he can still hurt me if I gave him my broadside, which is what I would have had to do if i’d turned straight into B… The big thing I didn’t take into account, was how long it’d take to kill the guy lol
    You called it bang on with the turn in front of the Warspite though, I knew I had to take that hit to stay angled against both the Warspite and the Nagato which was about to come around the headland, was a necessary risk.

    On a side note, I bumped into that Belfast player today on the other team when I was in my Amagi, turned out, he’s not a very nice person. I killed him quiet early and he would not stop crying in chat for the rest of the game, his team were laughing at him, my team was laughing at him, but he wouldn’t stop going on and on with the insults. He did provide some excellent amusement however…. all 15 minutes of it! lol

  3. Another T6 BB – Mutsu, I think that *might* deal with up tiering okayish?

  4. Hey Jedi, what are your thoughts on the recently announced Tirpitz secondaries buff?

  5. 影片21:16
    沒膽量迎戰? 戰前臨陣脫逃 ,是出賣隊友讓他死嗎?1vs4 因為你出賣隊友

  6. That last salvo.

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