VIP vs VIP – World of Warships

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1 point – VIP gets a kill

1 point – VIP gets a cap

1 point – Victory

2 points – VIP gets killed by a random player

3 points – VIP kills opponent VIP

Both VIPs must be in a BB.

Good luck & have fun, enjoy watching 😉

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  1. Bob The Builder

    Let’s goo!

  2. Lwt’s Goooooooooooooo!

  3. Flambass is sooooo bored of this game that he is creating new games and rules in the old game.

    • He’s doing a hell of a good job of it though, far better than Wargaming is. That’s for sure!

      I wish Wargaming would care about WoWS again. To see a game with so much potential just turn to sand over a dev team that don’t care is just a tragedy. 🙁

    • Yeah he hates being away from Tarkov but knows where his pay check comes from.

    • @Andy Capp “He hates being away from Tarkov”
      The irony in that phrase is quite thick 😂

    • a tip : you can watch series at flixzone. I’ve been using it for watching all kinds of movies lately.

    • @Merrick Dexter Yea, been watching on Flixzone for since november myself =)

  4. “Rules”
    Aw, shit. Here we go again.

  5. Matúš Brňák

    Flambass,where are you constantly looking for those people who don’t understand simple rules? 😀

  6. I really want to see a 12 v 12 where Flam and stats are in destroyers and everyone else is in Austins

  7. Lol the Daring even warned you about the torps… Flambino turned into a blind BBaby then, sailing in Straight Linus lol

  8. Please M O R E of this. Its So focking entertaining

  9. I’m loving this content!

  10. th3ultimatem0l3

    Island bug is getting more and more obvious.

  11. Rules? What rules? What are these “roolz” you are talking about, anyway? LOL

  12. Fips von Fipsenstein

    What if Mrs. Citadel is playing the ship and Adm. Flambino is only allowed to give orders to his team via textmessages (Discord)? I would like to see that – but I also understand that this would be hard to bring on YT.

  13. This is basically kill steal training for flambass and stats so same as every day lol

  14. The Daring warned you about the torps Flam ;D

  15. I was just thinking that about The one time you get a competent team You can’t have them be a competent team lol. We G at its finest

  16. Difficult for your team to not kill ships when you keep missing with the Yama!

  17. Don’t call them VIPs – call them Admirals or Flag ships and the new game mode and scoring makes a lot of sense.

    As an aside, I now understand how comic book villiains keep getting thwarted by their own minions.

  18. Tobias Reinhold

    Flambass: “Seize fire!”
    Flambass’ team: “I heard him say fire!”

  19. That salem had so much armor…

    Plot armor to be specific

  20. Ujwala Narendrastara

    This is the first time i see you being annoyed when your teammate doing good work 😂

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