Viribus Unitis First Impression – World of Warships

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Sharing a quick game in the Viribus Unitis, the first Austro-Hungarian ship to make it into World of Warships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IV Austro-Hungarian Battleship Viribus Unitis Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. 360p, notser you so silly

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Cant wait till the panEuro tree! So much unique ships coming!

  3. Upload in better resolution next time

  4. it not notser it google

    • i think Eatergy was quoting notser at some points in the video (I didnt watch the full vid so far)therefore it sounds like they are “hating” him
      Edit: oh, Notser didnt say he was an idiot, ok i get your message now

  5. That looks good, probably no chance to ever get the Nickolai, so that will do.

  6. WHy dose this Ship look like some one dropped it on its nose few to many times 😛 Like a fat angry midget.

  7. *Franz Joseph I is of Proud*

  8. Historical accuracy what with the German flag why no swastika?

  9. If she is too good for T4, maybe they should have bumped it up to T5 to compare with Texas as they were both launched in the pre-WW1 era (1912). It’s also why her speed is so bad.

  10. How about Italian dds and cruisers?

    • WG has a bias against them. Even though it was the fourth biggest navy, we haven’t gotten it yet. The damn Russians, French, and Pan-Asians came before them. Figure that out

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      Cruiser are said to come next year, probably in the 1st semester. DDs perhaps in the 2nd. Do not believe in this “bias” BS, WG has plans to fulfill all branches but simply there are easier ones to implement than others.

  11. The only ones that are significantly faster are the Myogi at 28 knots and the Ishizuchi at 27.5

    For comparison

    Myogi-28 knots
    Ishizuchi-27.5 knots
    Wyoming-20.5 knots
    Kaiser-23 knots
    Orion-22 knots
    Courbet-21 knots
    Arkansas Beta-20.5 knots
    Imperator Nikolai-21 knots
    Viribus Unitis-20.5 knots

    So yes it’s slow, but it’s pretty much the same as most of the other Tier 4’s

  12. NOTSER !!!! I wish you Happy Holidays !!
    Hugs from me and M. C to you and your dogs..


  13. The Austro-Hungarian Naval Flag is basically a standard Red-White-Red Austrian Flag with a shield mirroring that very same flag in its center. Considering how Wargaming added the Prussian National Flag with the most recent patch this shouldn’t really be a problem.

    • Not quite, the original naval flag had the shield off-centre to the left. The final, 1915 variant also included the Hungarian shield.

  14. Evangeline Anovilis

    Uhm, having 6-12k less hp than all other T4 BBs is not a downside? Viribus Unitis also has the second slowest reload (32 s) after Nikolai (36 s). And compared to Nikolai, Nikolai doesn’t just get 12 guns and good armour, it also gets 44k hp and 2.0 sigma. The concealment on the VU is silly, but when you lose hp, it’s far more drastic than on any other T4 and the firepower is not exactly outstanding. 1.5 sigma on German dispersion is basically a Wyoming. Orion has less but bigger guns. Ishizuchi has far superior speed, hp pool, two less guns, but a 25 second reload. I’d not hype this ship up too much.

    • Exactly! I find the Ishizuchi to be a better ship. The dispersion, reload and speed is a pain. It’s far from op!

    • Ishizuchi is armored with butter though, and this thing has absolutely insane armour for its tier, no place to easily overmatch it, and almost completely immune to 152mm HE. Flamu had a watch on stream a couple of weeks ago. Doesn’t really matter that it has less hp when it will just bounce or shatter most of what you can throw at it.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      +nonowgoaway It bounces and shatters cruiser HE. Admittedly, that is the main stuff that gets thrown at you. But if VU gets one BB salvo into the broadside, even with turtleback it hurts. And the amount of HE resistant plating you find on a low-tier Japanese or German BB is no joke either. Ishizuchi basically forces you to farm its upper bow and stern exclusively, because the rest of the deck is 38 mm and the lower bow s reinforced. The whole side is reinforced. In the end, Ishizuchi is tough enough, as is Kaiser.

      And to Ishizuchi, there exists no BB armoured enough, because if AP doesn’t work, that ship was the T4 flamethrower long before Orion arrived to the scene.

    • Nikolai also gets crazy good firing angles. VU’s layout does let it fire 6 guns while bow-in, Nikolai can get off 9 guns on a target while being angled at 21 degrees to its return fire. Which is well inside the autobounce zone for every AP shell in the game. That’s what makes Nikolai so OP.

      VU’s superstructure also, while small, at least exists. Nikolai’s superstructure literally consists of the 2 funnels and nothing else, so it can’t even be HE-spammed very effectively. (Well except by RN BBs.)

  15. Notser, dont worry about the Austria-Hungarian flag and if someone hates it (germanophob people obviously).
    The US flag is hated around the globe even more 🙂

  16. Also I want one of the British CVs to be the Converted Chilean BB order before WW1. And yes Chile order 2 BBs, and then WW1 started. The British used the hulls of the ships, one became a BB and the other became a CV. So I would like it. Also I would love to see a Pan-America lines, like full lines for countries in the Americas. So like Canada is primarily for the DDs the South American countries can do cruisers or Battleships(Chile, Argentina, and Brazil had a BB arms race and the all order 2 BBs from Britain). I would love to see minor nations added because it would be cool to rock a DD from Canada and BB from Brazil. So yeah think about a Pan-Euro and a Pan-America.

    • As a Brazilian I approve of this comment.
      WG wheres my Minas gerais class BB or the cruiser Bahia.

    • Fernando Marques I really would like a Pan-America. I think that Ships ordered and the Brazilian BBs would be a lovely addition.

    • A Pan-America DD line would be easy and could be done with no paper ships. A CL line would need paper ships from Tier 8-10, but the designs exist. Vickers offered a wide range of export designs to Venezuela and Argentina (and possibly other South American nations, I’m not sure).

      A BB line could be done up to Tier 5 with ships that were actually built, and up to Tier 8 (with substantial Wargaming-invented refits) using Riachuelo at Tier 6 and some of the larger Armstrong design offerings at 7-8. Tiers 9 and 10 would need to be outright made up, but Roon, Hindenburg, Großer Kurfürst, Henri IV, Conqueror, and République say “hi”. This game is no stranger to made-up ships to fill the top tiers.

      A Pan-Europe line could probably support two DD lines with little to no paper and possibly even two CA lines (as usual with paper to fill out the top tiers). A BB line would be a stretch, but accounting for export designs offered to Spain might be able to go up to Tier 8.

      Unless of course Spain gets to be a separate nation. In which case Pan-Europe would get a single DD line, a single CA line, and only premium BBs. While Spain could get a DD line, a CA line, and *maybe* (but unlikely) a very paper-heavy BB line.

    • See that’s what I’m talking about, you can add so many more ships this way. Also extends the lifespan of the game. I like the thought of Pan-Whatever, because then you can include ships that would be normally. I think Spain couldn’t make it as a Major and should be used to make sturdy Pan-Euro Lines.

  17. Notser, it was painfully obvious you haven’t been playing much tier IV lately. The majority of tier IV BBs are around 20knot speed. The maps are small enough and the damage output low enough that you will definitely be in battle for most of the match. Heck, I tool around in my Orion at 17 knots and still have to slow down so as not to overextend.

    That said, I do hope they Nerf this ship…so that I can get it for coal…

  18. Notser, toer 4s get protected mm; they can’t see t6 ships unless they fail division.

  19. consider this ship was being used for travelling by Franz Ferdinand to Sarajevo plus also carried him and his wife’s bodies back to Trieste after Gavrilo Princip assasinated them which you know, created the first world war, this ship will fill into my collection.

  20. As a hungarian, I’m proud that we’ll have this ship ingame and I really really hope it will come with a proper Austro-Hungary naval flag. I just hope that our pride the SMS Szent István will also make it ingame, so important for us hungarians, everyone waits for it ingame.

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